DELKOR FAST Filter Press Success, India

As of mid-June 2019, two DELKOR FAST FP filter presses, sold and supplied by DELKOR India, were successfully installed at a ferroalloy plant for Gas Cleaning Plant (GCP) sludge handling, as part of an overall Solid Liquid Separation Plant (SLSP). The system, implemented by major global steel player, is the first of its kind in India. The DELKOR FAST FP represents proprietary DELKOR technology and is a revolution within the world of pressure filtration.

DELKOR FAST FP Filter Press in India

The project concerned the supply of two DELKOR FAST FP filter presses as part of the SLSP to treat ferroalloy GCP dust. Each machine features 52 recess filter plates (1 m x 1 m) together with a low-pressure cloth-washing system and boasts a processing capacity of about 12-16 m3/h of GCP sludge (1.5 t/h of dry solids).

The supply also included various ancillary equipment, including: slurry holding tanks, slurry pumps, cloth wash tank, pump arrangement and filtrate pumping back to the thickener. The filters are fully controlled and managed by state-of-the-art software, with filter press feed being generated from a DELKOR High Rate thickener to produce optimum U/F % solids. The process designed for this filter press application also includes cake air blowing in order to further reduce moisture levels within the final product.
As compared to conventional filter press technologies, the DELKOR FAST FP employs two synchronized non-reversible screws to open and close the plate pack, with final plate pack compression being achieved by an inflatable cushion at low pressure. This results in shorter opening and closing times, a quick filtration process and the most homogeneous distribution of pressure across the surface of the plates – this as a result of the inflatable cushion.

The successful implementation of such a complex thickening and filtration process clearly demonstrates our thickener and filter press capabilities across the dewatering spectrum. With this achievement, we entrench ourselves as a leading global provider of filter presses – rounding up our filtration product portfolio and, once again, demonstrating that: It pays to talk to a specialist!