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TAKRAF´s specialized service solutions for its customers

We live in an increasingly demanding and complex world where it’s ever more important that our clients’ operations operate at the highest possible productivity and efficiency.

We understand this and strive to ensure that our client’s operations are supported and assisted through a Service business that is well-positioned to supply a comprehensive suite of services, parts and maintenance solutions to the global mining and minerals industries.

By leveraging our diverse global experiences, as well as our network of international offices together with our specialized manufacturing facility in Lauchhammer, Germany, we are well positioned to provide a variety of specialized service solutions to our customers, which often require out-of-the box solutions in order to overcome a unique set of service challenges.

Example of a successful relocation of a semi mobile crushing plant in England

Following 10 years of successful operation of a 2,500 tons per hour crushing plant, an English mining quarry established a new mining field, which necessitated the relocation of the semi-mobile plant.

TAKRAF’s specialized service business was commissioned with the difficult task of developing respective disassembly, re-assembly, and transportation technologies; including various inspection requirements, transportation of the actual crusher (over a distance of 800 meters at a maximum decline of 8%), as well as determination of the center of gravity and stability checks for actual transportation. Furthermore, engineering and static calculations for a transport adapter to connect the crusher to a multi-wheeler transporter including fabrication and delivery of this adapter were also provided. For the actual relocation of the system, TAKRAF engaged an experienced transport company, which had previously relocated other TAKRAF crushing plants at various other global sites.

The project presented a unique set of challenges that had to be overcome – just how do you move something that weighs approximately 710 tons with a center of gravity 17 meters high down an 8% gradient?

Through close cooperation between TAKRAF‘s service and engineering teams, and the transport company, these challenges were successfully overcome. A specific transport adapter was designed that matched the predefined supporting points of the crushing plant with the connecting points of the multi-wheeler transporter - the result was as complex steel structure of roughly 80 tons.

The relocation of the crusher into its new position was achieved without any problems or issues and in record time thanks to meticulous planning and preparation and the strong teamwork and collaboration between all stakeholders.

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