Corporate Governance

Quality, safety and environmental protection

Our company policies address specific aspects of sustainability that start from health and safety to anti-bribery, risk management, procurement and the prudent use of the earth’s limited resources.


We respect the people and world in which we live.

On the one hand, economic success depends on the fruitful cooperation with our customers. We achieve customer satisfaction not only through the quality of our products but also thanks to our commitment to ensure on-the-job safety and to protect health and the environment in our production processes. That is why customer specifications, statutory regulations and official requirements are identified and fulfilled conscientiously. Further reaching measures involving quality, health, safety and environmental protection offer opportunities to better fulfill customer specifications, to operate more efficiently, to reduce potential risks and this safeguard the company’s success.

On the other hand, success is also a matter of having regards for the world we are living in. We invest in a number of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in the countries in which we operate with a view to uplifting and supporting the local communities with whom we engage and interact.