Report Non-Compliance

The reporting form below offers employees or external parties the opportunity to anonymously report a suspicion or rule violation. Please click on one of the following reporting channels:

In order to allow for appropriate verifications, the whistleblowing report must, as a minimum, contain the following elements:

  • Object: clear description of the facts/ incident, with the indication (if known) of the related time and place; and
  • Reported subject author and/ or other involved subjects/ persons: any element that can favor the identification of the alleged author of the unlawful or suspected unlawful conduct (e.g. job role/title).

Key topics of rule violations against compliance requirements:

  • Compliance with the law
  • Conflicts of interest and non-competition
  • Economic incentives and bribery
  • Violation of restrictions on promises, giving and accepting gifts
  • Unlawful disclosure of company data
  • Violations of data protection regulations
  • Use of inside information
  • Violations of intellectual property rights
  • Violations of fair, honest and transparent competition
  • Violations of human rights, including discrimination, unlawful labor, forced labor, slavery or servitude, especially child labor, or others

Do not report:

  • Exclusively related to aspects of private life, without direct or indirect links with the professional activity of the involved person and without any potential impact on the image/reputation of TAKRAF Group or its product brands; and
  • Containing discriminatory elements related e.g. to sexual, religious or political orientation, or to the racial or ethnic origin of the reported person.