Ease of Sizer Maintenance

Reduction in Machine Downtime

Increased safety and efficiency through intelligent sizer maintenance solutions. We firmly believe that an improved maintenance solution must always have a safety upside to it and that there is no need for increased safety to be at the expense of maintenance efficiency.

The current range of TAKRAF primary and secondary sizers boast a number of significant advantages, primary amongst which include their high-powered drivetrain (providing extremely high torque and start-up under load); as well as the fact that the machines require minimum downtime due to their heavy-duty design and employing of intelligent solutions for efficient and effective maintenance.

The reduction in machine downtime provides the following significant benefits:

  • Increased safety
  • Increased plant availability as the machine doesn’t require long shutdown periods
  • Reduced costs and increased maintenance efficiency as maintenance crews don’t need to work for long periods

Ease of maintenance was a primary topic employed in the basic design of our machines from the conceptual stage. As a result, our sizer’s boast a variety of innovative maintenance solutions as standard features including a quick release system for crushing tool maintenance and an inching drive for roll maintenance. When the replacement or maintenance of wear elements (picks and/or segments) is required, this process can now be carried out in-situ either by removing the top feed chute or by withdrawing the machine to a set maintenance position. As a result, the replacement of picks and/or segments does not require the removal of the entire shaft from the machine increasing both safety and efficiency.

When minutes count, make the most of every second!

Quick Change of Crushing Elements

Our innovative solutions result in significant benefits:

  • Significantly increased safety
  • Reduced downtime
  • Quick and simple replacement of picks and/or crushing segments
  • Ability to change individual picks and/or crushing segments as required

Pick replacement

Picks have a wear rate of approximately three times higher than crushing segments and as a result, we have allowed for the possibility to quickly replace an individual pick within the machine – easily replaced when the machine is stopped. The process is easily conducted by unscrewing a locking screw and pressing out the part using special tools that have been designed and developed for this purpose hereby increasing safety too.
A tungsten carbide overlay also maximizes the lifetime of wear parts subject to high abrasion minimizing downtime and operational expenditure (opex).

Crushing segment replacement

To replace a crushing segment, all that you require is a hydraulic wrench and a crane. The quick change-out of a crushing segment enables the targeted and efficient replacement of an individual part, reducing downtime and making certain that your machine gets back to production as soon as possible.

Comfortable replacement of picks

Further Ease of Maintenance Features

Split housing

The machine’s split housing design, enables the safe and efficient replacement of entire crushing roll assemblies.

Modular wear components

Incorporated modular wear components such as wear plates are easy to handle, and change-out procedures can be conducted in position.

Sizer hot change

An integrated moving unit allows for a hot change, in which the entire sizer can move into a set maintenance position. This system features travel sets that enable a safe, rapid, and efficient “hot-swap” between an operational machine and a spare sizer on the same platform. 

Expanding on the hot-change concept, we also provide a checker-type arrangement for multiple machines in secondary or tertiary crushing applications. This configuration allows several machines to benefit from the efficiency of a single common spare sizer.

To further enhance efficiency, a bridge crane can be utilized to handle entire sizers, serving both maintenance and truck-loading operations. This hot-change maintenance solution is designed with a high level of configurability in order to cater to plant-specific needs and offer substantial maintenance flexibility.

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