Roll Crushers

Roll crushers are customized solutions for new or existing crushing plants.

TAKRAF roll crushers are designed for capacities of up to 14,000 t/h and are driven by powerful drive units in order to even crush hard or ductile material without stalling. The crushing process creates a minimum of fines in the product and can also handle sticky and/or wet material without clogging of the rolls. The machines can be employed for medium hard material types up to 200 MPa compressive strength; for example: coal, ore, limestone, overburden and oil sands.

TAKRAF has developed and successfully installed the largest roll crushers worldwide for the Canadian oil sands industry in order to guarantee highest throughput requirements under extreme conditions.

Roll crushers are often fed by apron feeders that direct feed material between a fixed and a moveable roll. The two crusher rolls, equipped with crushing segments, rotate inward and crush oversized material, while fine material passes the crusher without additional crushing. The adjustable gap between the crusher rolls defines the size of product material that exits the other side and falls towards the outlet chute.

If tramp or oversized material is fed to the crusher, one hydraulically supported roll (moveable roll) will disengage or release temporarily to let the foreign material pass and then return to its normal position and resume operation. If the foreign material is unable to pass, the moveable roll will remain in its extended position while sending a signal to stop the feeding process. In addition, a safety coupling can also react in the event of shock loads.

Typical TAKRAF roll crushers consist of one crushing unit with two rolls that are driven by two identical drive units.

Our roll crushers are customized in order to arrive at the best-fit and most optimum solution for our customer and according to their required specification. This includes:

  • Special crushing systems for high capacity requirements
  • Special drive systems for hard and ductile feed material
  • Special crushing segments for abrasive material requirements

Example designation - TRC 25.37:

  • R: Roll
  • C: Crusher
  • 25: 2,500 mm - pitch circle roll diameter
  • 37: 3,700 mm - roll length

Our largest roll crushers are equipped with TAKRAF designed and developed gearboxes that are specifically applicable to heavy-duty crushing applications at up to 1,500 kW of motor power. Each gearbox is manufactured and tested at our workshop in Lauchhammer, Germany.


  • Customer
    Project Name
    Double Roll Crushers Shell MRM and JPM
    Shell Albian Sands
    Open-pit mine MRM “Muskeg River Mine” and JPM “Jackpine Mine” / Fort McMurray, Alberta

    Crushers for “Muskeg River Mine” and “Jackpine Mine”, Alberta

    Based on TAKRAF's significant experience in crushers and crushing plants, the world's second largest roll crusher for ductile and abrasive oil sands, with hard rock of up to 200 MPa, was successfully installed into four separate existing crushing plant locations to crush lumps of up to 2,500 mm down to a conveyable size.

    Project figures

    Oil sand / hard rock
    12,000 t/h (max. 14,000 t/h)
  • Value for Money

    • Possible substitute for other crushing machines due to compact design
    • High throughput performance
    • Minimum downtime
    • High standardization level for numerous components
  • Efficiency

    We design, fabricate and supply roll crushers for capacities ranging up to 14,000 t/h for material with a compressive strength of up to 200 MPa

  • Safety

    • Double overload protection by hydraulic system and safety coupling
    • Safe crusher roll positioning by inching drive and maintenance brake
  • Service

    • Heavy-duty drivetrain design allows startup under load
    • Use of advanced wear resistant materials
    • Intelligent maintenance solutions enables the quick changing of crushing segments and picks; as well as the easy disconnection of the drivetrain and disassembly of the modular housing
  • Reference

    • We have successfully developed and installed the largest roll crushers in the world in order to guarante the highest throughput under the harshest environmental conditions
  • Environment

    • Low dust emissions due to minimum fine generation during crushing
    • Efficient oil lubrication system promotes greater environmental sustainability
    • Low energy consumption and noise level
    • Low foundation loads and machine height for small surrounding structures
  • Technical Excellence

    • We are able to develop customer tailored solutions for unique customer requirements such as high capacities, low installation height or high material abrasiveness


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