Specialized equipment – Specific handling systems and floating platforms

TAKRAF offers a variety of specialized equipment that can be employed to overcome particular obstacles in handling specific materials or environmental conditions.

Japan Pipe Conveyor conveying systems are particularly suited to conveying material in sensitive areas and/or areas with specific inclines or curves, whilst the safe handling and transportation of high temperature material, up to 1,100°C, is ensured by Magaldi's steel belt conveying technology.
The patented floating platforms by Jetfloat offer an innovative solution to the challenges of floating platforms and/or walkway requirements. 

Specialized equipment for your individual project

Specialized equipment from TAKRAF is always characterized by highest design standards, resistant and long-lasting materials as well as adaptability to individual project requirements.

Is your specific application or requirement is not mentioned? Please do not hesitate to contact our team at: info@takraf.com and we will respond immediately and assist you in finding a suitable solu-tion.

Product overview: Specialized Equipment