Japan Pipe Conveyor Systems

Japan Pipe Conveyor conveying systems overcome a number of the issues associated with conventional conveyors and are particularly suited to environmentally sensitive areas and/or areas with specific inclines or curves.

Japan Pipe Conveyor conveying systems are offered as turnkey installations, with the design being conducted in-house by TAKRAF engineers, backed up by dedicated spares and after sales service teams.
The pipe (or tube) conveyor overcomes several of the problems commonly associated with conventional conveyors ranging from spillage of material, to limited angle of incline, horizontal curves and multiple flights.

The conveyor resembles a conventional troughed conveyor at its tail end where the material is loaded. The open belt then passes through a series of transition idlers to form a pipe shape, which is maintained for the length of the conveyor. Just before the discharge pulley, the belt opens up again and allows the material to be discharged in the normal trough belt fashion. On the return side, the belt is again formed into a pipe shape.

A pipe (or tube) conveyor offers a number of advantages, some of which include:

  • Smaller horizontal and vertical curve radii
  • Ability to reach steeper incline angles
  • Enclosed conveying ensures both material protection and eliminates environmental pollution

Product sold under license. The license is specific to the African region with permission to use globally if installed into a TAKRAF project.*

* sold under licence


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