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TAKRAF employees are characterized by possessing outstanding technical and management expertise in the discipline in which they operate, a strong focus on the customer, a passion for innovation and an ability to be flexible and adapt to change. By leveraging our employees’ different nationalities, expertise and varied global operating experiences, we are able to successfully execute projects the world over.

Your development furthers our success

Our significant experience in the mining and minerals industries is an important recipe for our success; however, in today's fast-changing global economy, it is essential that we are always able to re-invent ourselves.

By supervising every stage of professional growth and providing on-going knowledge and skills training, we are thus able to guarantee the expertise and competence of our people and are able to also safeguard the highest quality standards.

Internationality - "desk and practice"

TAKRAF's systems, machines and equipment are employed across various countries around the world. In order to guarantee TAKRAF-level quality and reliability in delivery, we may be required to be present on site. Business trips to our subsidiary offices and field work are thus not uncommon and present a wonderful opportunity for you to work with and experience other cultures and to grow professionally and personally too.

Benefit from an open working environment

Collegiality and an open, friendly and cooperative work environment are highly valued at TAKRAF. Joking and laughing together by the coffee machine or water cooler during a break is not considered as a distraction but rather encouraged as it motivates colleagues to productively work together.

Every TAKRAF employee has the chance to get involved and contribute ideas and thinking across a wide range of topics and new ideas are welcomed.

Our working conditions and environment

If you want to join the TAKRAF team, then you can expect not only exciting, challenging and rewarding projects but openness, fairness and respect between colleagues too. Fair and equitable working conditions are a right of every employee and we actively promote an environment of mutual respect and collaboration.

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Your application

You can apply to work at TAKRAF across various channels, either via direct employment across any of our subsidiaries or by participating in our trainee program.


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