TAKRAF’s  dedicated range of mineral sizers are specifically tailored to suit a variety of applications around the world. Our sizers incorporate pre-engineered modules with application specific features that result in a cost-effective and economical solution boasting high availability, high maintainability and high value.

The TAKRAF sizer portfolio

We have applied our extensive experience in the mining and minerals industries in the configuration of each of our sizers in order to ensure that our machines exceed their real-life application requirements in terms of capacity, installed power, and product size.

The TAKRAF sizer portfolio covers primary and secondary (as well as tertiary) sizing applications. Our Standard Class Sizers offer a highly optimized and economical solution while our X-TREME Class Sizers offer maximum reliability in the most extreme conditions.

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Picture shows different types of sizers at our Product & Service Center in Lauchhammer, Germany.
One of our sizer production facilities in Germany.

Primary and secondary sizing applications

Comparison table of basic machine parameters
  Primary Sizer Primary Sizer Secondary Sizer Secondary Sizer
  Standard X-TREME Standard X-TREME
Feed size (mm) 1,000 - 2,000 1,200 - 2,500 200 - 800 300 - 800
Product size (mm) 200 - 350 300 - 400 30 - 150 50 -150
Throughput (t/h) 1,200 - 8,000 1,200 - 12,000 800 - 3,600 800 - 4,500
Max. UCS (MPa) 120 200 (280)* 120 200 (280)*
Typical feed material coal, shale, bauxite overburden, iron ore, copper, oil sands, limestone coal, shale, bauxite iron ore, copper ore, oil sands, limestone

*subject to TAKRAF's Minerals Laboratory tests

Key features of our sizer machines

Some of the key features of our machines include:

  • Modular wear components are easy to handle and change-out procedures can be conducted in position
  • Heavy-duty bearing design ensures the longest lifetime in the toughest of applications
  • Split housing design enables the easy replacement of complete roll assemblies
  • Bolted tooth system enable worn teeth to be replaced in seconds
  • Quick release crushing segments enable the targeted and efficient replacement of individual plates
  • Integrated moving unit enables the entire unit to slide into its maintenance position for safe and quick maintenance-procedures

Optimized maintenance for increased availability

All TAKRAF sizers are engineered with maintenance in mind. Each component is designed to be quickly and efficiently replaced. The reduced downtime for maintenance means that the machine gets back to production as soon as possible.

When minutes count, make the most of every second!

Picture shows the assembly of a X-TREME Class Sizer at our Product & Service Center in Lauchhammer, Germany
Sizer assembly at our Product & Service Center in Germany.

TAKRAF Minerals Laboratory

TAKRAF - minerals laboratory at our production sid in Germany
TAKRAF´s minerals laboratory offers a full spectrum of tests to establish the strength, abrasiveness, crushability and friability of your material.

The testwork that we perform in the laboratory is the first step towards getting the right TAKRAF sizer installed in your application. In the lab, our team of experts run a full spectrum of tests to establish the strength, abrasiveness, crushability and friability of your material. We then  analyze and use this data, together with our significant experience and know-how, in order to select the ideal sizer configuration for your specific requirements boasting optimized drive power, tooth configuration and abrasion protection.

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  • Customer
    Project Name
    Crushing plant Vostochny
    Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation
    Open-pit mine Vostochny, Ekibastuz

    Sizer in open-pit mine Vostochny

    Based on the experiences of TAKRAF in coal crushers and crushing plants the first hard rock sizers for overburden of up to 200 MPa was successfully installed at the Vostochny mine to crush lumps of up to 2,500 mm down to a conveyable size.

    Project figures

    Overburden, mainly sandstone and siltstone
    4,250 t/h (max. 6,000 t/h)
    indirect by apron feeder
  • Value for Money

    • High reliability and excellent maintainability result in optimum availability
    • Optimized tooth configurations for guaranteed product sizing
    • TAKRAF manufactured components ensure quality and expedited delivery times
    • Modularized wear part design allows all wear plates to reach their full lifetime
  • Efficiency

    • Primary sizer range covers throughputs up to 12,000 t/h
    • Secondary sizer range covers up to 4,500 t/h and is available in either center or side configuration depending on the specific requirements 
    • Customizable crushing segments to suit your application
  • Safety

    • Double overload protection by hydraulic system and safety coupling
    • Safe sizer roll positioning by inching drive and maintenance brake
  • Service

    • Integrated moving unit allows the sizer to be moved into maintenance position quickly
    • Wear parts are easy to handle so that they can be changed out quickly and safely
    • Fit-for-purpose maintenance tools customized to your plant operations
  • Environment

    • Low dust emissions due to minimum fine generation during crushing
    • Low profile for less truck haulage
    • Low energy consumption and noise level
    • Compact footprint for smaller surrounding structure
  • Technical Excellence

    • 300 years of mining and minerals expertise is the design and development of our sizer design
    • TAKRAF Minerals Laboratory is used to help select the optimized drive power and abrasion resistance for your application
    • In-house DEM analysis software optimizes tooth configuration for your process requirements


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