• Crushing plant with a capacity of 7,250 t/h copper ore in Chile.

Crushing Plants

Primary crushing plants are the first step in material processing and/or link between mining truck and belt conveyor, train or road.

TAKRAF’s range of crushing plants

Crushing plants can be equipped with gyratory crushers, jaw crushers, twin-shaft sizers, double-roll crushers, impact crushers or hammer crushers, depending on material properties and required throughputs.

We are able to provide mobile, semi-mobile or stationary crushing plants and work together with our clients to choose the most suitable type depending on the mineral deposit, mine plan and mining method, as well as our client’s specific requirements.

Fully-mobile crushing plants

TAKRAF supplies fully-mobile crushing plants equipped with crawlers, wheels or walking mechanisms. Fully mobile crushing plants are directly fed by a shovel or wheel loader and no haulage trucks are required.

Semi-mobile crushing plants

A considerable number of mines around the world opt for a semi-mobile crushing plant as these are in many ways an ideal compromise between flexibility in the pit and the required improvement of carbon footprint by reducing truck haulage following pit advance. These plants are designed in such a manner that they can be relocated through the use of transport crawlers and/or multi-wheelers. Having the flexibility to relocate the crushing plant enables travel distances for haulage trucks and belt conveyors to be optimized during the life of the mine - increasing efficiency and operational flexibility for the mine operator. Choosing the optimal crushing plant location is an essential criteria for the reduction in the number of haulage trucks and an increase in operational efficiency.

Find out more about our primary crushing plants and take a look at our references for semi-mobile crushing plants in Chile, the UK and Kazakhstan.

Please watch our video "Crusher relocation" here:

Crushing Plants - Relocation in 2015 of an ~800 ton TAKRAF semi-mobile crushing plant, commissioned in 2004, at the Old Cliffe Hill Quarry open pit mine in the UK.

Stationary crushing plants

For mines or quarries boasting mineral deposits with smaller extensions and/or with short haul distances between bench and plant, a stationary crushing plant is usually the most optimal solution. Variations in production can easily be matched by increasing or decreasing the number of haulage trucks.

TAKRAF has supplied more than 50 crushing installations for almost all material-types with throughput rates from 300 t/h to 14,000 t/h.

In-Pit Crushing and Conveying (IPCC)

TAKRAF is a leading global provider of In-Pit Crushing and Conveying (IPCC) systems as an alternative to a conventional material transport system.

Capital and operational costs of an operation depend directly on the material transport system. Conventional truck haulage as today´s predominant means of material transport in surface mines are well established and provide excellent flexibility, however contribute up to 60% of the overall mining cost. Further to the potential operational expenditure (opex) reduction, IPCC systems also offer a number of other benefits to mining operations ranging from an increase in safety to reductions in dust, noise and greenhouse gas emissions, increased automation and bad weather downtime.

IPCC represents a viable, safer and less fossil fuel dependent alternative, comprising fully-mobile, semi-mobile or stationary crushing plants connected to conveyors and spreaders (for waste) or stackers (for ore) to transport material out of the mine.

For more information about our IPCC system in Kazakhstan please watch our IPCC video here: 


  • Customer
    Project Name
    Minera Quadra Chile Limitada
    Sierra Gorda

    Semi-mobile and completely bolted design

    This primary crushing plant in Sierra Gorda, Chile, is equipped with a hydraulic slewing crane designed and manufactured in TAKRAF's own workshop. Further innovative features include:

    • Frequency controlled variable speed heavy duty TAKRAF apron feeder
    • Earthquake proof design · Belt reel station (for stock pile feed conveyor)
    • Dedusting systems

    Project figures

    7,250 t/h
    Copper ore
    Gyratory Crusher
    Apron feeder
  • Customer
    Project Name
    Midland Quarry Products Ltd.
    Cliffe Hill Quarry

    Semi-mobile plant at Cliffe Hill Quarry

    Highlights of this semi-mobile plant are:

    • Semi-mobile design with diamond shaped truck dump hopper
    • Dump truck bridges avoiding retaining wall
    • Building above crushing plant
    • Material discharge with heavy duty vibrating feeder

    Project figures

    7,250 t/h
    Copper ore
    Gyratory Crusher
    Apron feeder
  • Customer
    Project Name
    Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation
    Open-pit mine Vostochny

    Semi-mobile plant in Vostochny open-pit mine

    Highlights of this semi-mobile plant are:

    • Semi-mobile design with truck bridges
    • Building above crushing plant
    • Material fed by heavy duty TAKRAF apron feeder
    • Crusher designed and manufactured by TAKRAF
    • Extremely cold weather design 
    • Dust collection system

    Project figures

    4,250 t/h
    Overburden, mainly sandstone/siltstone
    Double roll crusher
    Apron feeder
  • Value for Money

    • Depending on the deposit and chosen mining method, we are able to provide the most suitable machine from mobile to semi-mobile or stationary crushing plants
  • Efficiency

    • We have supplied numerous crushing installations with throughputs ranging from 300 tph to 12,000 t/h
  • Reference

    • We have supplied more than 40 crushing installations globally covering numerous commodity types


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