Transport Crawlers

Transport crawlers are the heavy lifters of the industry and are designed for the transport and relocation of heavy and/or oversize mining or processing plant equipment.

Transport crawlers are heavy-duty machines specifically designed to move heavy and/or oversize equipment such as belt conveyor head or tail stations, conveyor structure segments, semi-mobile crushing plants, apron or belt feeders, surge bins, counterweights or any large or oversize structure or device that needs to be moved.

TAKRAF has been designing and building transport crawlers since the beginning of the 1990’s. This enables our team of specialist engineers to guarantee the highest safety, reliability and performance of our machines. Our transport crawlers are specifically engineered to suit each client’s specific operational and site requirements, with factors such as geometry, payload, travelling performance and optional on board equipment all able to be chosen by the client.

Our product range includes machines with a payload from 200 t all the way up to an incredible 1,200 t. Crawlers can be equipped with or without an operator’s cabin and can also include additional equipment such as additional safety devices, condition monitoring and convenience such as remote control, fire-fighting equipment, TAKRAF Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), sensors of various kinds and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Such additional equipment can be selected by the client and is designed in accordance to client and/or country-specific standards.

Our transport crawlers are fully assembled and tested at our Product & Service Center in Germany prior to shipping, resulting in quick on-site commissioning and a guarantee of performance.


  • Customer
    Project Name
    Transport crawler RT 500
    VALE S.A.
    Carajás iron ore mine

    Special design for crawler in the Carajás iron ore mine

    The transport crawler was designed for a payload of 500 tons with an eccentricity of the load of 500 millimeters. One special feature of the project was the low geometry caused by an extremely narrow access opening required by the client. So the challenge was to design a very compact machine. In compliance with local and client-specific safety standards, an automatic fire-detection system was installed.

    Project figures

    500 t
    580 t
  • Value for Money

    • Our machines are fully assembled and tested in our German factory, hence on-site commissioning is  very quick and easy
  • Efficiency

    • We're able to provide a wide-range of machines with payloads ranging from 200 t to 1,200 t
  • Reference

    • We have been designing, building and supplying transport crawlers since the early 1990s
  • Digitalization

    • Our machines are able to include a variety of smart solutions including sensors of all types, TAKRAF PLC or other smart systems
  • Technical Excellence

    • Our machines are specifically engineered for our client's individual needs and requirements - matters such as geometry, payload, travel performance and optional equipment are all specified by the client


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