Successful Delivery of TAKRAF Ship Loader and Tripper Car for Russia

We are pleased to announce the successful delivery of another world-class ship loader for an important port in Russia. This project, which forms part of an overall greater project for the delivery of a complete handling system, was awarded to TAKRAF in 1Q 2018 and concerned the engineering, manufacture, construction, pre-commissioning and delivery of a ship loader and associated tripper car. The ship loader, together with tripper car, weighs just under 1,000 t and boasts a capacity of around 6,000 t/h.

Shiploader in Russia

Together with a specialized logistics partner, up to the task of successfully carrying out such a complex and heavy-lift project, the project team held various meetings with all stakeholders in order to overcome some of the challenging obstacles of such a project - one of these included the tripper car having to be split into two transportable sections.
TAKRAF engaged the services of a trusted Chinese steel manufacturer boasting similar such reference work within their portfolio for manufacturing, construction and pre-commissioning.

In September 2019, the ship loader, together with the two tripper car sections, were ready for loading, with these being individually carried by a Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) along the pier to where the heavy-lift ship awaited in mooring.

Another significant challenge that had to be overcome was the calling into duty of a 3,000 t floating crane in order to safely lift the items on to the moored vessel.

With loading safely completed, the heavy-lift vessel embarked on its journey to Russia, reaching its Russian destination only a few days later with the arduous and complicated task of offloading on to the client’s quay.

Wolfgang Schilling, TAKRAF Germany Project Manager, had this to say from site, “Notwithstanding demanding conditions, the entire project was safely executed and delivered. The really satisfying part was that the entire team never tired of facing new challenges and more importantly always found an effective solution to any of the challenges thrown upon them. With this project, we continue to firmly entrench TAKRAF as a leading global provider of material handling and port logistic solutions and we look forward to our equipment delivering upon its promise.”

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Watch the video of the successful shipment of the ship loader and tripper car here.

Successful delivery of TAKRAF shiploader and tripper car to Russia