Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyor systems continuously and effectively transport all types of material, including excavated and crushed rock, due to their high availability.

Belt conveyors suitable for a variety of applications

Our conveyors can range from short distances up to approximately 20 km, for a single flight, in length. Typical belt conveyors applications include: 

  • Belt conveyors for mining applications - for more information please click here: Belt conveyors for mining applications
  • Belt feeders/feeder conveyors for hopper discharge -  for more information please click here: Belt Feeders
  • Boom  or intermediate conveyors in stockyard machines and/or within ship loading and/or unloading facilities
  • In-plant conveyors - for more information please click here: In-Plant Conveyors
  • Tube conveyors - for more information please click here: Tube Conveyors
  • Overland conveyors (stationary and shiftable) with or without horizontal curves

Conveying capacities can vary from about 100 t/h for small material handling applications up to 50,000 t/h for the handling of overburden in massive mining applications.

Designed to suit individual project requirements

Since every site application will place different demands on the design of the belt conveyor system, TAKRAF is able to advise and assist you in determining the most suitable conveyor solution for your specific application. Leveraging our significant experience in bulk material handling, we are able to anticipate potential problems and overcomes these by designing our product specifically to your needs and requirements on site.

Material handling system compatibility

We've been designing and installing bulk material handling systems across various applications, commodities and countries for about 100 years. Owners and operators around the world trust our engineered conveying solutions to lower the total cost of ownership and reduce environmental impact by improving efficiency with safe and reliable conveying solutions.

Our positioning as a complete material handling systems provider allows us to design and install belt conveyors that are easily integrated into complex material handling systems within a mining operation including bucket-wheel or bucket-chain excavators, crushing plants and In-Pit Crushing & Conveying (IPCC) solutions. Our conveying solutions also integrate well with downstream material handling solutions including overland conveyors, all stockyard equipment as well as all port logistics solutions.

Ultra long overland conveyor

Our 19 km overland conveyor in India, for the greenfields Utkal Alumina Project, is the longest single flight conveyor system to be installed within Indian territory to date. 

This complex and challenging project called for an overland conveyor system to transport bauxite through undulating terrain to a new 4.5 mtpa alumina plant in the Orissa state of India. In its final configuration, the system comprises two single flight conveyors of 14.5 km and 3.6 km in length, respectively. The 2,850 t/h conveyor system has a drop of 250 m and passes through some 45 crossings over its total span of travel from material loading to discharge. 

Further information regarding the Utkal overland conveyor system can be found here: Utkal overland conveyor system

Gearless drive technology

TAKRAF is one of a very limited number of global conveyor manufacturers boasting an operating reference in the use of advanced gearless drive technology in conveyor systems and are proud of our association with our drive technology partner, ABB.

Gearless drives eliminate the need for a gearbox, hereby significantly reducing the number of main wear parts, which results in increased efficiency and reliability, as well as less maintenance being required. Further advantages include a considerable reduction in the drive system’s footprint and emissions. In fact, for a copper mine in Chile, studies showed that CO2 emissions are reduced by 66% as compared to diesel truck engines for the same copper production volume!

The world’s most powerful belt conveyor system!

In 2019, TAKRAF delivered equipment for the principal ore transport system for Chuquicamata, one of the world´s largest copper ore mines, moving ore extracted underground to an above-ground processing plant.

This incredible system, boasting a total installed drive power of 58 MW, transports crushed copper ore from underground storage bins to the surface along a 7 km underground tunnel that overcomes 1 km of vertical elevation. Once on the surface, the ore then travels along an overland conveyor that transports it the final 6 km to the distribution silo. The underground system (comprising two conveyors of about equal length), as well as the overland conveyor, boast advanced gearless drive technology.

Further information regarding the Chuquicamata belt conveyor system can be found here: Chuquicamata - the world´s most powerful belt conveyor system

Chuquicamata - The world´s most powerful belt conveyor system


  • Customer
    Project Name
    Overland conveyor system
    Climax Molybdenum Co.
    Henderson mine in Granby, Colorado

    One of the largest conveyor systems in the world

    Molybdenum ore has to be moved from the underground mine up to the processing facilities. A train system was replaced with a chain of belt conveyors. The main conveyors at this project are the tunnel conveyor PC 2 and the overland conveyor PC 3.

    Tunnel conveyor PC 2

    With 16,820 m pulley center distance and 471 m lift this conveyor is still one of the largest conveyors worldwide.

    With the task to design an energy efficient system with reduced capital costs for belting and drives several investigations were made. The Hannover University in Germany was one of the scientific institutions where tests for indentation resistance and idler running resistance were carried out. An optimized conveyor design in combination with a suitable component selection was leading to a very low conveyor running resistances with a recalculated f-value of 0.009.

    Overland conveyor PC 3

    The overland conveyor PC 3 runs though the national forest with horizontal and vertical curves following the natural terrain.

    Project figures overland conveyor PC2 underground/stationary

    16,820 m / 471 m
    1,420 m³/h – 2,500 st/h
  • Customer
    Project Name
    Feeder conveyor
    Lomas Bayas

    Feeder conveyor system at Lomas Bayas pant in Chile

    Belt feeders

    Belt Feeders are state of the art for emptying hoppers with crushed material. The belt runs at flat idler stations with maximum 0.5 to 0.7 m/s belt speed. The bulk material shape at the belt is rectangular defined by the spacing of the chute side walls and the adjustment of the shear gate. For longer transport distances (20 m and more) the material has to be transferred to a standard trough conveyor - a conveyor system with less chute wear and lower power demand.

    The feeder conveyor

    If the distances between hopper discharge and the next system feeding point is between 20 m and 75 m a feeder conveyor could be used as a combination of the feeder (hopper discharge) and conveyor. This type of conveyor has a standard trough shape (35° to 45° troughing angle) at the full length. Hopper side wall lengths are reduced to the discharge area section length only. A shear gate limits the material height at the belt. The shape of this shear gate defines the contour of the material surface. Feeder conveyors run with maximum 1.4 m/s belt speed and 80 % to 100 % capacity utilization. Compared to the combination between feeder and separate conveyor the feeder conveyor has lower CAPEX and OPEX because of the saving of a transfer point and the lower amount of friction between chute site walls and material.

    Project figures

    48 m / 0 m
    3,400 t/h
  • Customer
    Project Name
    Ust Luga
    Oblast Leningrad

    In-plant conveyor system for stockyard in Leningrad oblast

    Delivery of the complete in-plant conveyor system for stockyards including transfer towers, elevated structures, transfer chutes, trippers etc. Besides to the yard machines the stockyard as part of the Ust Luga port comprises:

    • 11 transfer towers with complete transfer chute arrangement
    • 16 belt conveyors from 90 m up to 520 m in pulley center distance

    Project figures

    16 conveyors approx. 5,500 m overall length
    4,200 t/h
  • Customer
    Project Name
    Overland conveyor system
    Radomiro Sulfurus

    Overland conveyor with 8,120 m pulley center distance

    Copper ore has to be moved from the crusher location to the processing facilities. The main conveyor at this project is the overland conveyor with 8,120 m pulley center distance. This conveyor is following the natural ground profile and runs in 63 % of its length in horizontal curves – partly in superposition with convex and concave curves. Up to 17° banking angle in combination with idler tilt are used to realize the steep horizontal curve radii.

    Project figures

    8,120 m / -236 m
    7,700 t/h
  • Customer
    Project Name
    Utkal Alumina Project
    Utkal Alumina International Ltd. (UAIL)
    Tikri, Rayagada - Orissa state, India

    Longest single flight conveyor system

    At 19 km, this TAKRAF overland conveyor system for the greenfields Utkal Alumina Project is the longest single flight conveyor system to be installed within Indian territory to date.

    The contract, from UAIL, called for an overland conveyor system to transport bauxite through challenging, undulating terrain from the Baphlimali mines to a new 4.5 mtpa alumina plant. In its final configuration, the system comprises two single flight conveyors of 14.5 km and 3.6 km in length, respectively. The 2,850 t/h conveyor system has a drop of 250 m and passes through some 45 crossings over its total span of travel from material loading to discharge. Here you can download a Global Mining Review article on this project.

    Project figures

    14.5 km
    2,850 t/h
    3.6 km
    2,850 t/h
  • Efficiency

    • We design, fabricate and supply a wide-range of belt conveyors ranging from capacities of 100 t/h to 50,000 t/h
  • Technical Excellence

    • Our systems are specifically designed for our clients' unique requirements and can be either stationary or shiftable


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