Strong demand for DELKOR technologies in Latin America

TAKRAF Group receives further orders for its DELKOR technologies for tailings dewatering as clients call for customized design features to handle challenging conditions.

DELKOR paste thickeners for Peruvian operation
2 x 35 m diameter existing DELKOR high-rate thickeners at Peruvian operation who have recently ordered two DELKOR paste thickeners.

Two recent orders received by TAKRAF’s Chilean and Peruvian operations for DELKOR highlight the technical adaptability of its DELKOR range of liquid/solid separation technologies to the client’s site-specific requirements. 

The orders, covering design, engineering, fabrication and supply, were awarded to:

•    TAKRAF Chile for the supply of a 1 x 97 m2 horizontal vacuum belt filter (HBF),
      with a feed capacity of 60 t/h of tailings from potassium nitrate brine
•    TAKRAF Peru for the supply of 2 x 38 m paste tailings thickeners
      with a capacity of 455 to 623 t/h.

The DELKOR HBF order was received from a Chilean miner for installation at one of its plants to increase tailings dewatering capacity.

An important design consideration was for the equipment to be manufactured from materials able to accommodate the chemically aggressive nature of the process and the need for hot steam injection into the bed of slurry to avoid salt precipitation in the filter. Furthermore, the filter will be supplied with a steam jacket for the filter vacuum boxes to keep the filtered liquid warm and thereby minimize loss of chemical species. The filter design also allows for efficient delivery of the equipment, making for faster and more cost-effective installation on site.

The order for the DELKOR thickeners, placed by a Peruvian entity processing tailings from a nearby iron ore mine, forms part of an expansion to develop a second plant. This will enable the entity to handle more tailings from the mine. 

Design requirements include accommodating the process demands for a paste application with a target of 65% +/- 3% solids content for the underflow. This requires an equipment configuration that allows it to operate under an expected yield stress of 200 Pa in the underflow material. 

Christian Cavagnaro, Managing Director, TAKRAF Chile had this to say upon receipt of the orders: “Our DELKOR dewatering solutions maximize the recovery of water for re-use in the process, reducing the amount of “fresh water” required for a plant. The countries’ environmental regulations are increasingly reflecting the importance of such environmental considerations. Thank you to all colleagues involved, especially our sales engineers in Chile and Peru as their professional, supportive and close interaction with our clients throughout the bid process not only provided confidence in the suitability of the DELKOR equipment to their applications, but also reinforced the good working relationship that we have with these long-standing clients.”

Further information regarding our DELKOR dewatering solutions can be viewed here: Liquid/Solid Separation, alternatively please send an e-mail to: