Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters for Dewatering

DELKOR’s technology and know-how is founded in the horizontal vacuum belt filter and we remain the supplier of the world’s largest individual machine, with a number of installations across various commodities around the world.

DELKOR filters are efficient and reliable machines suitable for dewatering a wide range of commodities. Utilizing vacuum filtration, DELKOR filters boast low capital, running and maintenance costs, thereby outperforming traditional rotary drum, disc, tilting pan and table filters in all situations where capacity, efficient cake washing and minimum liquor dilution are required.

DELKOR Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters

The horizontal belt filter is an efficient and reliable liquid/solid separation machine suitable for dewatering a wide range of commodities such as iron ore, mineral sands, lead zinc concentrates, fine coal flotation concentrates, phosphoric acid filtration and others. 

Furthermore, horizontal belt filters are being well accepted for tailings filtration – the dewatering of various process plant tailings. They can be employed as stand-alone machines or in combination with other filtration processes.

Dewatered tailings can either be used as mine backfill or sent straight to the Dry Stack Tailings (DST) impoundment. This results in a technically viable and economically feasible solution to handle process plant tailings in the safest and most environmentally friendly manner.


  • Customer
    Project Name
    Uranium Corporation of India (UCIL)

    Fabrication, supply and installation of horizontal belt filters

    The horizontal belt filters were supplied for UCIL's Tumalapalle Uranium Processing Plant, consisting of eleven 110 m² and one 5 m² filters. The twelve belt filters filter leached slurry from the alkali pressure leach autoclave (110 m² filters) and one to filter yellow cake (5 m² filter).

  • Customer
    Project Name
    Hope Downs Mine

    Belt filter assemblies with vacuum filtrate systems

    DELKOR supplied two 85 m² horizontal belt filters for Rio Tinto Iron Ore’s Hope Downs 4 Iron Ore Fines Processing Plant. The filters were manufactured in China, South Korea and Australia and were assembled in Perth, Australia before being trucked to site 1,200 km away.

    Project figures

    2 x 85 m² HBF‘s
    461 dtph design
  • Value for Money

    • Efficient and reliable liquid/solid separation equipment
  • Efficiency

    • We design, fabricate and supply a wide-range of horizontal vacuum belt filters that are suitable for dewatering a wide-range of material types, including the de-watering of process plant tailings
  • Service

    • Since our gravity sand filters use sand as the filtering media, we do away with valves, pilot mechanisms, rate controllers, guagues and air compressors
  • Reference

    • We remain the supplier of the world's largest individual machine and filtration plants around the world


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