Backbone key material handling equipment for Canada

As part of a bulk terminal expansion project, TAKRAF and Tenova Material Handling (TMH) were selected to supply key material handling equipment, an essential backbone, for this project.

Unloaded quadrant beam shiploader, that was moored and turned into the parking position on site.
Quadrant beam ship loader unloaded, tied in and rotated to the park position on site.

TAKRAF Canada and TMH are pleased to announce the successful delivery, offloading and start of wet commissioning (a critical milestone, but not final) of an 8,000 t/h quadrant beam ship loader for steelmaking coal.

This expansion project is critical to the bulk terminal’s ongoing operations to deliver steelmaking coal to their customers. 

TAKRAF, together with our partner on this project, TMH, are proud to have been chosen to supply key material handling equipment, an essential backbone, for this important upgrade project, bearing testament to the quality of our engineered solutions.

TAKRAF Canada was awarded the ship loader and the tandem rotary car dumper (wagon tippler), with the ship loader being fabricated and assembled by TMH in Vietnam and then loaded onto a vessel for delivery to Vancouver in early October 2020.

Early work and site preparation to receive the ship loader commenced mid-2020, with unloading and commencement of tie in activities, together with dry and now wet commissioning kicking off subsequently.

Working to best mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the project schedule and guarantee a re-planned earliest shipment date, together with a re-planned earliest wet commissioning start date, both TAKRAF and TMH, as well as all stakeholders demonstrated active and positive cooperation.

Aidan Mitchell, TAKRAF Canada Managing Director, had this to say recently from site: “I would like to thank all colleagues involved in this complex project for their effort, and enthusiasm towards meeting our promised milestones. In particular, TAKRAF’s Construction & Commissioning team and TMH’s Project Management team demonstrated complete commitment to overcome all challenges in order to fulfill our promise to deliver. There is no doubt what good planning, good teamwork and a “can do” attitude can accomplish! Successfully delivering this project only serves to entrench TAKRAF as a leading global provider of complex handling systems.”

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