Latest TAKRAF video on the managing and disposing of processing waste safely and effectively

We are pleased to release our latest video that shows how implementing a Dry Stack Tailings (DST) solution provides a safe and sustainable alternative to the storage of tailings in impoundments.

Dry Stack Tailings (DST) system, fully integrated, for Mineração Usiminas in Brazil for the processing of iron ore tailings.
An overview of TAKRAF’s fully-integrated DST system for Mineração Usiminas in Brazil for the processing of iron ore tailings.

TAKRAF’s DST system for Mineração Usiminas, one of the Usiminas companies, and one of the largest steel producers in the Americas, highlights our advanced expertise and unique positioning to offer a complete end-to-end solution for safe and environmentally friendly mine waste management.

Watch the video here: Managing and disposing of processing waste safely and effectively

The system is designed as a fully integrated dewatering process via thickening and filtration and includes the following main equipment:

  • 1 x flocculant plant
  • 1 x coagulant plant
  • 1 x DELKOR high-rate thickener: 35 m diameter
  • 1 x 300 m2 slurry tank with agitator
  • 4 x double stage centrifugal slurry pumps 
  • 4 x DELKOR overhead beam filter presses, powered by Diefenbach: 2 m x 2 m plates 
  • 4 x compressors with tanks (process and instrument air)
  • 4 x TAKRAF belt feeders with transfer chutes

Mineração Usiminas implemented the DST system to enable the filtering and stacking of tailings as the deposit area of the existing tailings dam reached full capacity. The process dewaters the tailings slurry in a single stream via a two-stage process using a DELKOR high-rate thickener followed by the filtration of thickener underflow using DELKOR overhead beam filter presses, powered by Diefenbach. The next process step allows further water recovery through the filter press. Particular attention has been given to the pre-treatment of the slurry using reagents to improve maximum recovery. The result is a dry filter cake that can be effectively handled and deposited.

The video is available on our TAKRAF Group YouTube channel: Managing and disposing of processing waste safely and effectively. We invite you to watch it and share!

Thiago Machado, DELKOR Brazil Manager, had this to say regarding the project: “Sustainable water management, together with safety, are increasingly important topics for mining operations and all stakeholders around the world; especially in areas where water conservation is critical and/or tailings failure risks are significant - as has unfortunately been the case in Brazil. We are proud of our commitment to sustainability and the Mineração Usiminas project is testimony that implementing a full DST solution, in line with the overall mine development plan, is the most environmentally-friendly and beneficial approach for all stakeholders. Thank you to Mineração Usiminas for the opportunity to work on this project and to develop a video showcasing our capabilities”

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