IPCC and material handling technology for India milestone mining development

TAKRAF’s IPCC technology provides a safer and more environmentally friendly option to truck haulage at a large mine in India.

In-pit Crushing & Conveying System (IPCC) with material handling technology; slewing stacker and bucket-wheel reclaimer from TAKRAF
TAKRAF slewing stacker and bucket-wheel reclaimer supplied to the large mine in India

An In-Pit Crushing & Conveying (IPCC) System together with material handling technology supplied by TAKRAF India is currently being trialed at a 15-mtpa mine in India. Operation of the IPCC system is expected to provide significant environmental benefits by reducing the need to use diesel-based truck haulage. This will significantly improve the mine's carbon footprint.

The IPCC and handling system supplied by TAKRAF includes crushing stations boasting a number of TAKRAF sizers, a 6 km overland conveyor with horizontal and vertical curves mounted on sleepers to accommodate the terrain, fully equipped transfer houses and TAKRAF stackers and reclaimers.

The main TAKRAF equipment includes the following:

  • 26 x belt conveyors ranging in design capacity from 1,250 t/h to 4,000 t/h    
  • 3 x 190 m3 dump hoppers     
  • 3 x 1,125 t/h apron feeders    
  • 3 x 1,125 t/h primary sizers    
  • 3 x 1,125 t/h secondary sizers    
  • 2 x 1,800 t/h slewing stackers 
  • 2 x 2,500 t/h bucket-wheel reclaimers 

The equipment was supplied complete with auxiliaries. These include In Line Magnetic Separators (ILMS), metal detectors, bulk flow dividers, coal sampling units, belt scales and ash and moisture analyzers; all required utilities including dust suppression and firefighting systems; and electricals, including the motor control centers (MCC) and local substations.

The handling plant boasts two 2,500 t/h capacity streams (1 working and 1 standby), each with one fast loading silo. Interconnecting the plant with a future, second plant has been envisaged from the outset and provided for.

K. Gopal, TAKRAF India Managing Director, had this to say upon this auspicious occasion, “We are proud to be associated with such a milestone development for India’s mining and energy sectors, and to provide the mine with a viable, safer and less fossil fuel dependent alternative to truck haulage. Our IPCC systems cut truck haulage to a minimum and build operational resilience - they substantially reduce opex and provide significant environmental and safety benefits too. The IPCC system was supplied by TAKRAF based on joint engineering with the client team and all involved should be congratulated on their commitment and teamwork in ensuring the success of this important project.”

For further information regarding our IPCC and material handling expertise, please view our website here: https://www.takraf.com/expertise/in-pit-crushing-and-conveying-ipcc, alternatively send an e-mail to: info@takraf.com

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