First Dry Stack Tailings (DST) system supplied by TAKRAF Group in Brazil reaches commissioning

Dry Stack Tailings (DST) provides environmentally friendly and safe tailings disposal system for one of the largest steel producers in the Americas.

Dry Stack Tailings (DST) system for a large steel producer in America to improve the sustainability
DST system under construction in Brazil.

The first Dry Stack Tailings (DST) system to be supplied by TAKRAF Group in Brazil is being commissioned for one of the largest steel producers in the Americas.

The order for the key equipment for the DST system was awarded in January 2019, and was followed shortly by an order being placed on TAKRAF for the supply of a stacker.

The project comprises the following equipment to process iron ore tailings:

  • 1 x flocculant plant
  • 1 x  coagulant plant
  • 1 x 35 m diameter DELKOR high-rate thickener
  • 1 x 300 m2 slurry tank with agitator
  • 4 x double stages centrifugal slurry pumps 
  • 4 x DELKOR filter press overhead beam (FP OH): 2 m x 2 m plates
  • 4 x compressors with tanks (process and instrument air)
  • 4 x TAKRAF belt feeders

As part of a key initiative by the client to improve the sustainability of its operations, the DST system is being built to enable the filtering and stacking of tailings as the deposit area of the existing tailings dam is expected to reach full capacity by year-end. 

In addition, by removing most of the water present in the tailings’ slurry, enabling the material to be safely stacked, this method is both a secure and an environmentally friendly approach to tailings disposal. Not only does it obviate the risk of catastrophic tailings dam failures but also maximizes the water recovered for return to and re-use by the beneficiation plant.

DST will be applied following beneficiation to treat the tailings generated during the iron ore concentration process by flotation. The raw tailings slurry will be first fed to the thickener where part of the water is already recovered. In the next process step more water is then recovered by the filter press to achieve a moisture level of about 14 % (dry basis), thus creating a dry filter cake ready to be deposited. 

DELKOR’s robust equipment is built to withstand the harsh mining environmental conditions, with the filter presses designed as an overhead beam type suitable for the prevailing operational conditions. These require, amongst others, large volumes of material to be processed and easy access to the filter plates and filter cloths for maintenance. 

In line with DELKOR’s holistic solutions approach, the DST system was designed as a fully integrated dewatering process through sedimentation and filtration, with the material being tested in the lab prior to sizing the equipment.

Tiago Carvalho, TAKRAF Brazil Managing Director, had this to say from site upon commissioning: “TAKRAF and DELKOR’s world-leading technology and expertise to offer a complete DST solution, together with our outstanding technical proposal, based on comprehensive DELKOR testing during the bid stage and collaboration with specialized partners, were undoubtedly convincing factors in the project award. All colleagues involved in this project should be commended for successfully bringing this important DST reference to commissioning. This project serves to reinforce TAKRAF Group as a leading global solutions provider and we look forward to successfully delivering future DST projects.”

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