Empowering Women in Mining: A journey with Anna Lindley

Discover the inspiring journey of Anna Lindley, Contracts Manager at TAKRAF Group in Australia, as she offers valuable perspectives on diversity and inclusion in the mining sector.

On the picture you can see a woman. Her name is  Anna Lindley, Contracts Manager at TAKRAF Group in Australia.
Anna Lindley, Contracts Manager at TAKRAF Group in Australia.

Could you tell us when you joined TAKRAF Group, explain in a few sentences what your role is, your responsibilities and give us some of your experience? 

My journey with TAKRAF Group began in 2013 on a casual basis, with a break for maternity leave, before rejoining in October 2014. I started as a Contract Administrator and now, in addition to my role as Company Secretary, I am the Contracts Manager for the TAKRAF and DELKOR brands in Australia. My responsibilities span the entire contract lifecycle, from tender review to dispute resolution, ensuring compliance with corporate legislation. 

What has been your personal highlight at TAKRAF Group and perhaps also outside of work? 

Seeing our machines reach practical completion and handover to operations is a major highlight. Last year, inspecting a TAKRAF Stacker in Queensland provided a tangible appreciation of the scale and complexity of our projects. Outside of work, taking up scuba diving after 18 years of encouragement from my husband, has been an exciting personal milestone - and I am thrilled about it! 

What do you enjoy the most about what you do at TAKRAF Group? 

The diversity of roles and responsibilities within TAKRAF Group allows me to continuously learn and engage with different facets of our business, which I find immensely rewarding. 

Why is mining or engineering a stimulating sector for women to enter? 

Engineering and mining have historically been male dominated at all levels. Today, these sectors are actively working to increase diversity and inclusion of women in various roles.  

As a dynamic and evolving industry, with multiple job opportunities for career and professional development, it is a great sector for women to work in. It also offers the opportunity to contribute to making a key part of the Australian economy more competitive and successful. Furthermore, it offers competitive salaries and financial security.   

In addition, many jobs in the sector allow for flexible work arrangements that contribute to a sustainable work-life balance, enabling women to have a professional career and a personal life of their choice.   

Conversely, women enrich the industry by bringing their diverse skills, talents and perspectives. 

If you had to give one piece of advice to a young person on how to enter and succeed in the world of work, and in the mining sector in particular, what would it be? 

Seek hands-on experience and mentorship. Keep yourself informed of industry developments. Take on challenges with a solutions-oriented mindset and give it your best shot. 

Which woman would you like to sit down to dinner with and why? 

Professor Veena Sahajwalla, an engineer who has pioneered research into waste recycling and the creation of new materials from waste. I am passionate about sustainability and recycling because I believe in the importance of preserving our planet in its natural biodiversity and beauty while keeping industry going.  I am committed to 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' in my daily life and would love to learn from Dr Veena how we can become better at it as individuals and businesses. 


This article is part of our ongoing series spotlighting the remarkable women contributing to the mining industry at TAKRAF Group. Stay tuned for more inspiring and personal interviews with our international colleagues. 

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