Unveiling the path: Ina Planert's journey as a commercial project manager at TAKRAF Group

Meet Ina Planert and discover her story, as she navigates the complexities of commercial project management at TAKRAF Group in Germany. Explore her insights into the mining industry, her achievements, and her advice for aspiring professionals.

On the picture you see a woman in mining. Her name is Ina Planert, Commercial Project Management at TAKRAF Group in Germany.
Ina Planert, Commercial Project Management at TAKRAF Group in Germany.

Could you tell us when you joined TAKRAF Group, explain in a few sentences what your role is, your responsibilities and give us some of your experience? 

I joined TAKRAF in February 2019, it is my sixth year with the company, and I have taken on the role of Commercial Project Manager. In this role, I oversee all commercial aspects of projects, from drafting key contract specifications to tracking payment schedules and managing invoicing processes. With over ten years of experience in project management, I bring a wealth of expertise to my current role. 

What has been your personal highlight at TAKRAF Group and perhaps also outside of work? 

A pivotal moment for me was securing a position at TAKRAF during my career transition in 2018/2019, which reaffirmed my passion for the industry. Since then, I have been proud to contribute to the successful execution of major international projects and recently successfully completed the Certified Senior Project Manager qualification. 

What do you enjoy the most about what you do at TAKRAF Group? 

The dynamics of working in international teams and the variety of tasks in my role keep me engaged. I find the mix of commercial aspects and technical interfaces as well as the close cooperation with our customers particularly fascinating. 

Why is mining or engineering a stimulating sector for women to enter? 

The mining sector offers a fascinating blend of history and innovation, from the colossal machines to the cutting-edge technology used. I firmly believe that gender shouldn't be a barrier in any industry; it's about passion, dedication and competence. 

If you had to give one piece of advice to a young person on how to enter and succeed in the world of work, and in the mining sector in particular, what would it be? 

My advice would be to think about your passions and strengths and pursue opportunities that align with them. Affinity for your work is the key to success. 

Which woman would you like to sit down to dinner with and why? 

Michelle Obama's journey and resilience have always fascinated me. Her ability to balance career, family and public life while remaining authentic is truly inspiring. 

This article is part of our ongoing series spotlighting the remarkable women contributing to the mining industry at TAKRAF Group. Stay tuned for more inspiring and personal interviews with our international colleagues. 

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