From Industry 4.0 projects to empowering lives: Geetha Narayanamurthy’s pioneering career in procurement at TAKRAF Group

Meet Geetha Narayanamurthy, a woman in mining who is breaking new ground in procurement at DELKOR, a brand of TAKRAF Group. In addition to her pioneering career, Ms. Geetha empowers lives through the NGO AMBA.

Geetha Narayanamurthy, Senior Manager – Procurement at DELKOR, a TAKRAF Group brand, at a speaking engagement.
Geetha Narayanamurthy, Senior Manager – Procurement at DELKOR, a TAKRAF Group brand, at a speaking engagement.

1. Could you tell us when you joined TAKRAF Group, explain in a few sentences what your role is, your responsibilities and give us some of your experience? 

In 2013, I began my journey with TAKRAF Group, taking on the role of Manager - Design (E&I). In this role, I managed the design of instrumentation and control systems, ensuring meticulous alignment with project specifications. My expertise in instrumentation and control design proved critical to the seamless execution of projects. The smooth interdepartmental collaboration not only honed my interpersonal skills and enabled me to juggle multiple projects. Joining the dynamic team at DELKOR, Bengaluru has been a blessing in disguise, providing me with constant opportunities for growth and learning. 

2. What has been your personal highlight at TAKRAF Group and perhaps also outside of work? 

Without a doubt, leading the procurement activities for Industry 4.0 as part of the Morocco project stands out as a defining moment. Beyond the professional sphere, my commitment extends to the NGO called AMBA. Here, I actively contribute by providing teaching support and assisting mentally challenged people with data entry tasks, enabling them to achieve financial independence. 

3. What do you enjoy the most about what you do at TAKRAF Group? 

Working at TAKRAF Group is a privilege. The conducive environment, coupled with supportive managers and colleagues, creates a space where I not only receive valuable guidance, but also actively share my insights on the topics we delve into. This positive working atmosphere is the foundation for fostering collaboration and mutual support, which makes every day at TAKRAF Group a pleasure. 

4. Why is mining or engineering a stimulating sector for women to enter? 

Women in engineering demonstrate exceptional competence in a variety of fields. Personally, I believe it is critical to encourage more female engineers to venture into the field of mining design. The dynamic challenges, coupled with the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge advancements, make engineering and mining uniquely stimulating for women seeking diverse and impactful careers. 

5. If you had to give one piece of advice to a young person on how to enter and succeed in the world of work, and in the mining sector in particular, what would it be? 

Approach your work with the dual goals of professional and personal success. Stay on top of the latest technologies and industry advancements. Remember, there are no shortcuts to producing quality work - commitment and diligence are the keys to success in the dynamic fields of engineering and mining. 

6. Which woman would you like to sit down to dinner with and why? 

I would certainly choose to have dinner with Ms. Sudha Murthy. Her inspiring contributions to social work, literature and philanthropy make her a fascinating individual. Ms. Murthy's remarkable journey and the positive impact she has made on various fronts would offer invaluable insights and experiences that I would love to learn from over a delightful dinner conversation. 

This article is the part of our ongoing series that looks at the incredible women in mining at TAKRAF Group. Stay tuned for inspiring and personal interviews with our international colleagues. 

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