TAKRAF Tandem Rotary Railcar Dumper delivering upon its design promise

TAKRAF’s train unloading technology forming an essential part of key material handling equipment supplied to an important Canadian bulk terminal expansion.

The pic shows  a dumper cage as a part of TAKRAF’s Tandem Rotary Railcar Dumper ready for delivery
Delivery of the dumper cage and part of TAKRAF’s Tandem Rotary Railcar Dumper on its way to its installation.

After the handover and final client acceptance of our tandem rotary railcar dumper, also known as wagon tippler, was completed in late 2021, our TAKRAF machine was put into operation and has since been tipping railcars as a part of this important Canadian bulk export terminal’s expansion project.
The expansion project is critical to the bulk terminal’s ongoing operations to deliver steelmaking coal to their customers. The order for key material handling equipment for the expansion, which also included a high-capacity quadrant beam ship loader, was placed on TAKRAF.

The project scope for the rotary railcar dumper covered design and supply, together with installation and commissioning supervision of:

  • 2 x single railcar dumpers (operating in tandem mode) 
  • 1 x indexer
  • 5 x wheel grippers

The railcar indexer is capable of handling a string of railcars with a maximum pulling force of 150 tons at the sidearm. The machine can move trains in both directions with superb positioning accuracy into the tandem dumper. The railcar dumper features hydraulic clamping mechanisms for railcars with various heights and widths, automatic mid-loco handling through the dumper system.

A video of the railcar dumper in operation has been prepared and can be viewed here.

Aidan Mitchell, TAKRAF Canada Managing Director, had this to say regarding the project: “All colleagues involved in the project, in particular the engineering and construction & commissioning teams must be commended on their commitment, good planning, teamwork and their “can do” attitude in completing this complex project, during challenging times. The willingness of the owner and their operations team to invite TAKRAF as part of the wet commissioning/handover and ramp-up/optimization team also made a real difference in successful project completion, enabling TAKRAF and client to work closely together on the final, critical steps. We thank all stakeholders that worked together with us in delivering this important project. This project is an important reference for our global railcar dumper capabilities, and we look forward to our TAKRAF wagon unloading delivering value elsewhere in the near future too.”

For any questions regarding this project or for any assistance, please send an e-mail to: info@takraf.com; alternatively, information regarding TAKRAF’s railcar dumper solutions can be viewed here: Wagon unloading systems.

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A TAKRAF colleague looks on as another railcar enters the tandem rotary railcar dumper.
A TAKRAF colleague looks on as another railcar enters the tandem rotary railcar dumper.
View of the indexer in arm up position on the west side.
View of the indexer in arm up position on the west side.