DELKOR India’s logo evolution

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of our DELKOR subsidiary in India, we share exciting facts and background stories in our monthly content series. Today it's time to shed some light on the evolution of the DELKOR logo.

You can see at the picture a timeline showing the development of the DELKOR logo
The evolution of DELKOR’s logo during the course of time.

Join us on our journey in celebrating DELKOR India’s 25th anniversary!

As part of our content series around this important milestone, we'd like to shed some light on the evolution of DELKOR's logo. 

Our DELKOR brand enjoys immense respect and recognition from all stakeholders across various industries. Reflecting on our brand’s journey in India makes us not just nostalgic, but we are also proud of all that has been accomplished.

In the late 1980s, DELKOR had a modest logo consisting of a single letter 'D', symbolizing the brand's humble beginnings. This paved the way for the ambitious team that DELKOR is today. DELKOR Technik India, now known as DELKOR India, was incorporated in 1998. This marked the beginning of a journey that developed into a globally respected liquid/solid separation specialist with two offices and a specialized Product Center.

Evolving times require equally evolving ideas to make a compelling impact on future generations. No other story is more fitting to this evolution than the branding and logo of DELKOR in the first decade of the 21st century.  

In 2002, the DELKOR logo had changed into a 3D image highlighting the flagship technology of DELKOR, i.e. Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters. This logo was well recognized across the minerals processing and phosphoric acid industries. The brand eventually adopted the tagline “It pays to talk to a specialist!”. By this time, DELKOR had become a globally recognized brand in which DELKOR India played a pivotal role in the brand’s success. 

During 2010, the famous DELKOR logo with the Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter was revised to solid DELKOR showing the DELKOR’s transformation from dewatering & filtration company to a mineral processing technology company by the addition of APIC Jigs, BQR flotation cells. 

After the acquisition by Tenova in 2012, the DELKOR logo was rebranded to show its inclusion as a Tenova company with the instantly recognizable Tenova sphere becoming a part of the logo. 

In October 2020, Tenova’s former mining division, known as TAKRAF, of which DELKOR was a part, underwent a major rebranding to TAKRAF Group. The revised branding aimed to underline TAKRAF Group’s core strengths and value proposition to clients and partners in the mining and related industries, with the DELKOR brand being associated with liquid/solid separation and beneficiation equipment. In line with the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability, DELKOR’s dewatering and process equipment are specifically designed for the needs of the mining industry. To reflect this ethos, the logo was updated accordingly and is still in use today.

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