DELKOR India – Award ceremony and family get-together

Join us on our journey in celebrating the 25th anniversary of our DELKOR subsidiary in India with a new article of our monthly series. Read more about the award ceremony and family get-together that took place in March.

The picture shows Mr. Gopal Kalyanakrishna, Managing Director, TAKRAF India, Mr. Massimo Valsecchi (TAKRAF Group CFO), Mr. Thomas Jabs (TAKRAF Group CEO), Rajagopalan Ramanathan (Managing Director and CFO TAKRAF India) and Indu Bhushan Jha Managing Director DELKOR India).
From left to right: Gopal Kalyanakrishna, Managing Director, TAKRAF India, Massimo Valsecchi (TAKRAF Group CFO), Thomas Jabs (TAKRAF Group CEO), Rajagopalan Ramanathan (Managing Director and CFO TAKRAF India) and Indu Bhushan Jha (Managing Director DELKOR India).

As part of our celebration around this important milestone, we’d like to share with you highlights of the award ceremony and family get-together on 22nd March 2024. 

The event promised to be a fulfilling one as everyone was looking forward to it. DELKOR India invited each colleague with customized invitations along with a DELKOR souvenir as a gift on the milestone of 25 years in India. 

The guest list included DELKOR India colleagues from Bengaluru and Kolkata along with their families. Andrey Yaschinsky, General Director represented the Kazakhstan office at the event. The chief guests were our TAKRAF Group CEO Thomas Jabs and CFO Massimo Valsecchi. Guests of honor were Gopal Kalyanakrishna, Managing Director and Rajagopalan Ramanathan, Managing Director and CFO, both from TAKRAF India. DELKOR India’s Managing Director Indu Bhushan Jha, and Executive Director Rajiv Krishnamurthy hosted the event.  

In India, the lighting of a lamp is considered to be very auspicious to start any good occasion, so the event began with the lighting of the lamp by the chief guests and special guests along with Indu Bhushan Jha. 

A special highlight was the screening of the film “DELKOR – 25 years in India”. The film showed DELKOR India’s history and major milestones regarding equipment, products and projects.

As DELKOR India and its success is ultimately connected with our colleagues and their work, we took the opportunity to recognize all our 98 long service colleagues with an award. The long service awards were presented in the categories five, ten, 15 and 20 years of employment with DELKOR India. A special award was given to Dr. Venkoba Rao in recognition for developing BQR MAXGen flotation cell mechanism.

In between the awards, there was a colorful performance by traditional dancers who performed a Yakshagaana dance to entertain everyone. 

Everyone heard exciting words from Rajiv Krishnamurthy, Indu Bhushan Jha, Massimo Valsecchi and Thomas Jabs. Thomas presented Indu and Rajiv a handcrafted gift, a memento from Germany. 

Indu Bhushan Jha, Managing Director DELKOR India, had this to say about the event: “It was an evening filled with joy and heartfelt connections. Our team’s hard work and dedication were truly celebrated with the launch of our 25 years film and the long service awards, it was heartwarming to see everyone come together with their loved ones.”

Very special thanks go to our DELKOR India team that worked so ambitiously over the last few months to make this event happen.

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts of our monthly content series.

For now, please enjoy some impressions of the evening in the video below.

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