Social commitment of TAKRAF Germany in 2023

Local and national projects TAKRAF Germany had the opportunity to support in 2023.

The picture shows an image assembly of sponsored projects by TAKRAF (Leipziger Tafel: refrigerated food truck, some childeren´s projects, Ingenieure ohne Grenzen (engineers without boarders).
Projects sponsored by TAKRAF Germany in 2023.

In these first weeks of the new year, we have also been reflecting on some of the local projects we have had the opportunity to support or sponsor in 2023. At TAKRAF Germany, but also at TAKRAF Group in general, we believe in the power of small steps to create lasting change, and we are humbled to have contributed to a variety of projects that have had a meaningful impact on the communities in Leipzig and Lauchhammer, Germany. 

Supporting Leipziger Tafel: The Refrigerated Truck Project 

One notable initiative is our support for the Leipziger Tafel (food bank of Leipzig). Our commitment goes beyond a one-time donation. We've taken a multi-year approach to support the purchase of a refrigerated food truck. This effort is a small step toward addressing the logistical challenges they face in collecting and distributing perishable goods to those in need.    

Additional projects 

We have also helped local schools and the Leipzig Police Union purchase books on traffic safety education and healthy eating. In addition, we have supported Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V. and the children’s hospice Bärenherz for several years with a financial contribution.    

We are proud of the positive impact we have been able to make. However, we also recognize that there is much more work to be done. 

Looking Ahead: A Corporate Social Responsibility strategy  

As we tackle 2024, TAKRAF Germany is committed to take its corporate social responsibility initiatives to the next level. We recognize the importance of a more comprehensive strategy that addresses the unique needs of the regions in which we operate. 

Let's make 2024 a year of even greater impact and shared success. 

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