DELKOR Horizontal Belt Filter commissioned for fertilizer plant expansion project

A major phosphate-based fertilizer and feed phosphates producer in Kazakhstan places a further order with DELKOR for horizontal belt filters.

DELKOR Horizontal Belt Filters at a fertilizer plant in Kazakhstan
DELKOR Horizontal Belt Filters supplied for fertilizer plant expansion project

DELKOR India has commissioned three 110 m2 horizontal belt filters with ancillaries for a major fertilizer plant expansion project in Kazakhstan. The award followed the supply of three 85 m2 horizontal belt filters to the same client from 2014 to 2016, which have operated successfully since then to customer expectations.

The scope of the most recent project, commissioned in 2022, covered design, engineering, manufacturing, supply to site and supervision of erection. The horizontal belt filters were supplied in a knockdown state for ease of transport.

The horizontal belt filters were tailored to client and process requirements, which included:

  • Maximizing phosphoric acid recovery with minimum losses of the water-soluble phosphates in the filter cake produced, while achieving the desired moisture levels.
  • Minimum product acid dilution.
  • Manufacture of most of the components from corrosion-resistant stainless steel suited to the process environment.

“DELKOR is proud of having been part of the growth of this major fertilizer producer in Kazakhstan,” says Indu Bhushan Jha, DELKOR Managing Director. “This contract bears testimony to the adaptability of DELKOR technologies to different client and commodity processing requirements and the commitment of our DELKOR people to fulfilling customers’ expectations.”

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