Championing change and diversity: Erika Silvia Martins' contribution to success and sustainability at TAKRAF Group

In celebration of International Day of Women in Mining on June 15th, our latest article highlights the inspiring story of Erika Silvia Martins, HR Coordinator at TAKRAF Group in Brazil. In this interview, Erika shares her journey, her significant achievements, and her insights on why the mining industry is an exciting field for women.

You see at the picture a TAKRAF employee, a so called: Woman in MIning, Ms  Erika Silvia Martins, HR Coordinator at TAKRAF Group in Brazil.
Erika Silvia Martins, HR Coordinator at TAKRAF Group in Brazil.

Could you tell us when you joined TAKRAF Group, explain in a few sentences what your role is, your responsibilities and give us some of your experience?

Ten years ago, I joined TAKRAF Brazil, where I am currently responsible for coordinating all activities related to human resources. This includes recruitment, contracting, payroll, and labor relations. In addition, my current responsibilities encompass the administration of facilities, health and safety, quality programs, business travel, and field accreditation.

What has been your personal highlight at TAKRAF Group and perhaps also outside of work?

In 2015/2016, TAKRAF Brazil underwent a major reorganization. I was in charge of coordinating the process from an HR perspective and supporting the Managing Director. Securing the sustainability and growth of the company was our number one priority during this challenging period. I am proud to confirm that our efforts brought significant results. Being part of the reorganization process of TAKRAF Brazil together with my directors has brought me incredible professional growth. Today, we have a thriving organization. We succeeded in fostering reliability, development opportunities, and a sense of belonging among our people. I feel lucky and fulfilled to be part of this team.

What do you enjoy the most about what you do at TAKRAF Group?

The daily challenges at TAKRAF Group are what make the job interesting. It's fantastic to see the results when tasks are accomplished. I love interacting with people from around the globe. Our company's size allows us to engage in different areas and processes, which is nearly impossible in large corporates where roles are often more narrowly defined. Furthermore, I am amazed by the understanding and closeness I have to the equipment and technology we produce. The intricate details and capabilities behind our machines make me sometimes consider a career change to engineering.

Why is mining or engineering a stimulating sector for women to enter?

Women and men alike thrive on challenges, and the mining sector offers plenty to tackle and overcome. It requires energy and drive. Women bring unique perspectives and value people, processes, and goals in different ways. In this demanding industry, we will make a real impact on environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

If you had to give one piece of advice to a young person on how to enter and succeed in the world of work, and in the mining sector in particular, what would it be?

Be focused, disciplined, and patient. Every matter and process requires effort, and you must be prepared to put in the work. Once you have a clear goal, give your best to achieve it with passion and discipline. Be patient enough to wait for the results. No success, whatever it represents to you, is achieved easily or quickly. Things take time, and you will face frustrations and disappointments along the way. But you will succeed. You will learn and achieve. And you will be amazed at what you have accomplished.

Which woman would you like to sit down to dinner with and why?

Jeannine Grafe, a former colleague from TAKRAF Group in Germany. She is an excellent professional, an incredible person, and a friend who has significantly contributed to my professional development.

This article is part of our ongoing series spotlighting the remarkable women contributing to the mining industry at TAKRAF Group. Stay tuned for more inspiring and personal interviews with our international colleagues.

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