• A TAKRAF portal scraper reclaimer, multi-commodity, 1,100th, Japan

Scraper Reclaimers

For a fully automatic operation of bulk storages TAKRAF is offering their field-proven scraper reclaimer technology.

TAKRAF scraper reclaimers are leading in terms of high performance and dimensions. Their reliability also in challenging bulk materials, cost effectiveness and long life time are outstanding.

Depending on whether pure buffer storages are demanded or storages for homogenizing and blending of bulk materials, for reclaiming either side or portal scraper reclaimers (i.e. full-portal and semi-portal reclaimers) or bridge-type scraper reclaimers are being used.

Increasingly Popular Material Handling Solutions

Scraper reclaimers are being increasingly employed worldwide in open storages as well as in enclosed or covered bulk storages. They are being used in nearly all industries and for almost all types of bulk materials.

This popularity and increasing application of scraper reclaimers are generally resulting from following machine characteristics:

  • High operational versatility
  • Robustness
  • High efficiency and low operating costs
  • Gentle treatment of bulk material / products
  • Problem-free reclaiming of challenging bulk materials (for example, if sticky or abrasive)
  • Complete emptying of the storage area
  • Transfer of constant and uniform bulk flow to outgoing conveyor
  • Full automatic operation

Our scraper reclaimers have spans up to 70 m and capacities up to 6,000 t/h.

Broad Global Experience and Successful Reference List

About 400 delivered and successfully commissioned reference machine demonstrate the competence of TAKRAF for designing and supplying field proven scraper reclaimers and highlight as well the company's vast experience in handling different bulk materials such as coal, iron ore, bauxite, zinc ore, kimberlite, potash, phosphate, urea, sulfur, petroleum coke, limestone or slag.

The stackers and scraper reclaimers are supplied for longitudinal and for circular storages.

Global Expertise and Consulting Capabilities

We offer and supply scraper reclaimers globally. To meet specific market demands from different countries and industries the company has established two centers of competence for their worldwide operations. One is in Germany (located in Leipzig) and the other one in India (located in Chennai). Both centers together reflect our competence in designing and building scraper reclaimers. An experienced team of engineers is committed to advise you regarding the layout of storage areas and in the application and design of stockyard machines.


  • Customer
    Project Name
    Maules Creek
    Whitehaven Coal Ltd., Australia
    Maules Creek coal mine, NSW

    Outstanding span and high capacity of portal reclaimers

    The coal storage is equipped with one stacker and two portal reclaimers serving a railcar loading station. The whole project has been delivered turnkey including installation.

    In general portal scraper reclaimers are mainly used in buffer storages but can also achieve in combination with proper stacking methods certain blending and homogenizing results.

    For high reclaiming capacities of up to 6,000 t/h TAKRAF portal reclaimers are equipped with twin booms evenly distributing the bulk material flow onto two booms.

    For reclaimers with application in covered storages the scraper boom is being divided into a main and an auxiliary boom to cater for the limitation in height set by the building structure. Main and auxiliary boom are always firmly connected with each other in order to guarantee during entire operation and under all conditions a continuous and smooth flow of bulk materials from auxiliary to main boom.

    Project figures

    3,000 t/h
  • Customer
    Project Name
    Daelim Korea / Kuwait National Petroleum Company

    Longitudinal and circular storages with stackers & portal reclaimers in sulfur

    The storages are receiving the sulfur product from the chemical process plant and are serving the port facilities for export. The whole project including ship-loaders and a conveying system has been contracted by TAKRAF on a turnkey basis.

    Remarkable are the high standards executed in each area of the plant with regard to explosion protection and to the use of anti-corrosive materials.

    Project figures

    162/400 t/h
    300 t/h
    1,500 t/h
  • Customer
    Project Name
    Intecsa Maáden
    Intecsa Indústrial / Ma’aden Wa’ad Al Shamal Phosphate Company
    Ras Al Khair

    Portal scraper reclaimers in phosphates (NPK +DAP)

    The scope comprises the design and supply of 5 portal reclaimers including rail track for operation in indoor buffer storages serving ship-loaders in Maáden´s phosphate export terminal.

    The portal reclaimers are each equipped with auxiliary and main booms. They are engineered for use in hot climate and achieve noteworthy high reclaim capacities.

    Project figures

    2,200 t/h
  • Customer
    Project Name
    First Quantum Kansanshi
    First Quantum Minerals
    Kansanshi Mining PLC, Kansanshi

    Bridge-type scraper reclaimer in copper

    Kansanshi operated by First Quantum Minerals is the largest copper mine in Africa. The bulk storage for copper concentrate with the TAKRAF scraper reclaimer is located in between the refinery and the mine's logistic dispatch point.

    The special chain design and execution of scraper blades ensures smooth and reliable operation also in abrasive and sticky bulk materials.

    Project figures

    400 t/h
  • Customer
    Project Name
    Koch Enid
    Black & Veatch Corp. / Koch Nitrogen Company, LLC.
    Enid, Oklahoma

    Portal scraper reclaimer in urea

    The project was awarded to TAKRAF on a turnkey basis including installation, comprises of the design and supply of a complete urea handling system. Part of the scope is a portal reclaimer, the storage building, a number of tube conveyors and a railcar & truck loading station.

    The portal reclaimer is for indoor operation and has not only two aligned booms firmly connected to each other but is as well equipped with a drag trough for urea discharge to the reclaim conveyor.

    Project figures

    800 t/h
  • Customer
    Project Name
    TEP Springerville
    FMC Technologies, Bechtel Power Corp., Tucson Electric Power
    Springerville, Arizona

    Circular storage with stacker & bridge reclaimer in coal

    The storage with circular stacker reclaimer is part of a coal handling system providing thermal coal to 400 MW unit 3 of Springerville power plant.

    The coal storage is designed as blending bed where a TAKRAF bridge-type scraper reclaimer in combination with chevron stacking method homogenizes coal with high fines content so constantly that a good mix of size distribution is being reclaimed and further conveyed.

    Project figures

    2,000/1,360 t/h
  • Customer
    Project Name
    Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.
    Shanghai, China

    Combined stacker reclaimer in sinter, iron ore and additives

    The stockyard machines operate in the raw material storages, which are covered to meet highest environmental standards. Full automation and other features support the raw material logistics of the steel works.

    Project figures

    1,500 t/h /1,500 t/h
  • Customer
    Project Name
    Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.
    Shanghai, China

    Semi-portal reclaimers in sinter, iron ore and additives

    The stockyard machines operate in the raw material storages, which are covered to meet highest environmental standards. Full automation and other features support the raw material logistics of the steel works.

    Project figures

    1,500 t/h each
  • Value for Money

    • High efficiency, low operating costs and complete emptying of storage area
  • Efficiency

    We design, fabricate and supply a wide-range of machines from full-portal to semi-portal or bridge-type scraper reclaimers with spans of up to 70m and capacities up to 6,000 t/h

  • Reference

    We boast a reference of just under 400 successfully delivered and commissioned machines across a variety  of bulk material types

  • Digitalization

    Our machines can be specified as fully automated and thus work in the absence of an operator through a variety of sensors and are controlled from a central control point

  • Technical Excellence

    We supply machines catering for both longitudinal or circular storage areas


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