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Maintenance Carts

Maintenance carts facilitate safe and efficient conveyor maintenance and are especially suited to steep slope and/or underground tunnel applications.

Safe and efficient belt conveyor maintenance

Conveyor belts are supported across their length by idlers or rollers; and on long overland conveyor systems, these idlers can run into the thousands. Worn or damaged idlers need to be replaced as soon as possible in order to maintain efficiency and reduce operating costs; as well as to avoid the risk of any further damage to equipment or even the potential outbreak of fire. 

Conducting maintenance on belt conveyors – especially on steep slopes, in tunnels or on elevated structures – is a challenge for all parties involved. The belt needs to be lifted and the idler(s), with a single part weight of about 50 kg or more, replaced. Steep slopes make it almost impossible for the maintenance crew to even reach an area, never mind actually working safely. The issue of space really becomes critical in tunnels where space is very limited and the work has to be conducted manually. Enlarging a tunnel’s size in order to conduct maintenance more effectively, as well as for greater safety and access reasons, is almost impossible due to the significant costs incurred. An intelligent new solution had to be found. 

TAKRAF’s maintenance cart makes it possible to access any location along the conveyor belt in the shortest possible time and in the safest manner!

Idler replacement

idler replacing by using maintenance carts
Worn-out idlers are safely and efficiently replaced by using a maintenance cart

Maintenance carts features

Our maintenance cart is equipped with a number of clever solutions that enable the safe and efficient replacement of idlers in both the top and return strand of a belt conveyor in less than 15 minutes. The cart is equipped with a belt lifting device that safely lifts the belt away from the idler in need of replacement. The handling of idlers is supported by a small service crane, with idlers being attached to the crane by means of a special tool. Furthermore, both new and worn idlers are conveniently stored in a special area on the side of the maintenance cart’s frame.

Depending on the maximum incline of the conveyor, the cart can employ either a friction based drive concept with driven wheels or a form-fitting drive concept such as a chain drive system. In a similar vein, various power supply options are also available, ranging from a diesel generator to a power rail next to the conveyor

Our TAKRAF maintenance cart is a safe and effective machine to ensure the safety of your personnel and the efficient replacement of idlers.

Please watch the video here: 
TAKRAF maintenance cart for safe and efficient conveyor maintenance

Video: TAKRAF maintenance cart for safe and efficient conveyor maintenance


  • Customer
    Project Name
    Maintenance Cart MCT 150.48
    Nuevo Nivel Mina El Teniente

    Maintenance Cart in Chile

    Supply of a TAKRAF maintenance cart (rail-mounted service vehicle) for the safe and efficient replacement of conveyor idlers on a steep inclined belt conveyor. Machine includes an on-board belt lifting crane, an idler handling tool, as well as storage for both new and worn-out or replaced idlers.

  • Maintenance cart for idler change in USA
    Project Name
    Maintenance Cart MCT 90.36

    Maintenance Cart in the USA

    Supply of a TAKRAF maintenance cart for the safe and efficient replacement of conveyor idlers on a steep inclined belt conveyor. As part of an important crusher relocation project at the mine, a new ~5 km downhill conveyor with a ~1 km, 26 % sloped section was included. Because of the steep slope, maintenance was an issue identified early on during the feasibility study phase of the project. TAKRAF proposed and subsequently was awarded the contract for a maintenance cart to service the downhill section of the new conveyor.


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