• Combined bucket-wheel stacker and reclaimer

2-in-1 solution: Combined stacker and reclaimers

Combined stacker and reclaimers fulfill a dual role and can operate as stackers or as reclaimers.They can stack material in stockpiles and then also reclaim material via a bucket-wheel at the boom tip. Combined machines are suited to operations that require flexibility and do not require simultaneous stacking and reclaiming to be.

TAKRAF combined stacker and reclaimers are equipped with a bucket-wheel boom and are primarily employed where medium to high or even very high material flow rates are to be stacked and then later reclaimed by the same machine. Our typical machines cover the following flow rates and sizes:

  • Stacking and reclaiming capacity: 500 t/h to 20,000 t/h
  • Rail gauge: 6 m to 20 m
  • Boom length: 25 m to 60 m

In certain countries, such boom-type machines are also included in the “balanced machines” nomenclature referring to a machine that boasts some form of counterweight.

TAKRAF's solutions and expertise

TAKRAF boasts a long and esteemed history in designing and delivering combined stacker and reclaimer manufacturers. Our bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer are all specifically designed to our client's uniquerequirements and incorporate various solutions according to their specific application. Let us know your requirements in an inquiry!

An integral part of the stacker and reclaimer machine is the tripper car and integrated conveying system, which transports material to the bucket-wheel boom and stockpile. The tripper car and conveying system is often equipped with a "bypass function" that enables material to bypass the boom and continue along the conveying system as required. Various machine arrangements are available in order to suit the required material flow rates.

Combined stacker and reclaimer with a fixed rocker arrangement

In applications involving low or medium material flow rates and/or medium length booms, machines in which the bucket-wheel and counterweight boom are combined in a fixed rocker arrangement are generally preferred. This arrangement results in a reduced number of articulation points.

Combined stacker and reclaimer with a pantograph arrangement

Where higher flow rates and/or longer boom lengths are required, we prefer a machine design in which the bucket-wheel and counterweight boom are combined in a pantograph arrangement is preferred. This arrangement ensures that with large boom loads, small changes in the point of balance are stabilized, which has a significantly positive impact on machine steadiness. A drawback with this design however is the increased number of articulation points.

Semi-automated and automated stacking and reclaiming

The majority of our combined bucket-wheel boom machines are semi-automated; however, there is a growing trend towards full automation and we are able to supply fully automated machines too. Such fully automated machines incorporate various control systems and sensor logic and are controlled and monitored from a central control station.


  • Combined bucket-wheel stacker and reclaimer for coal
    Project Name
    SUEK Russia
    Coal terminal Wanino

    Bucket wheel stacker/reclaimer for coal

    This machine is part of a complex stockyard system delivered completely by TAKRAF. It is designed for very low temperatures from -42 °C up to +39 °C.

    Project figures

    3,500/3,500 t/h
  • Combined bucket-wheel stacker and reclaimer for iron ore
    Project Name
    Kumba Iron Ore (a division of AngloAmerican)
    Sishen iron ore mine, Northern Cape Province

    Bucket wheel stacker/reclaimer for iron ore

    This machine is part of a complex stockyard system delivered completely by TAKRAF.

    Project figures

    iron ore
    3,710/6,250 t/h
  • Combined bucket-wheel stacker and reclaimer for bauxite
    Project Name
    AO Aluminium Kazakhstan
    Aluminium plant Pavlodar

    Bucket wheel stacker/reclaimer for bauxite

    This stacker/reclaimer was a replica of a machine built by TAKRAF in the 1980s. All mechanical and electrical equipment was updated for the new machine.

    Project figures

    700/500 t/h
  • Combined bucket-wheel stacker and reclaimer for ioron ore pellets
    Project Name
    Greenfield Hot-Briquetted Iron (HBI) production project
    Not disclosed

    Bucket-wheel stacker/reclaimer for iron oxide pellets

    This machine forms part of a complete material handling system awarded to TAKRAF in 2018 for both the plant’s raw material feed and finished product.

    The system design brief called for the raw material (iron oxide pellets) to be received from self-unloading barges and conveyed to a stockpile. From there, it is reclaimed to be conveyed to day-bins fed by a tripper car. From the day-bins, material is discharged onto weigh feeders and then conveyed through a screening system before feeding the HBI production plant. The finished product is received from the plant and conveyed to a second stockpile, from where it is stacked, reclaimed and fed to a load-out station for the loading of trucks or trains for onward transport.

    Project figures

    Iron oxide pellets
    Not disclosed
  • Efficiency

    • We design, fabricate and supply a wide-range of machine capacities from 500 t/h to 20,000 t/h with boom lengths ranging from 25 m to 60 m
  • Digitalization

    • Our machines can be specified as fully automated and thus work in the absence of an operator through a variety of sensors and are controlled from a central control point
  • Technical Excellence

    • For large conveyance applications, we prefer a pantograph construction for our machines which increases machine stability


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