Apron Feeders

An apron feeder is a reliable feeding method for when the material to be conveyed is lumpy, abrasive, heavy, high temperature, or where a feeding solution more robust than a traditional belt feeder is required. Apron feeders are designed to feed material at a desired volumetric rate to downstream equipment and convey material on a series of overlapping pans attached to multiple strands of a heavy tractor crawler-type chain.

Apron feeders are typically located under rail or truck receiving hoppers, storage bins, or stockpiles and withdraw the material to be discharged to belt conveyors, crushers, or other process equipment and can handle conveying inclinations of up to 28 degrees.

TAKRAF apron feeders are particularly suitable for severe or extreme applications and are designed to cater to specific requirements determined by the material, capacity and geometry. If required, variable speeds can also be achieved through the use of an optional Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) or hydraulic drive.

Robust and reliable for extended service life

Our feeders combine heavy-duty frames with standard chains and rugged pans (cast manganese steel or formed carbon steel) to provide an extended service life. Impact rails below the pans also minimize deflection and absorb the forces of falling material. Our diverse product range covers standardized apron feeders, as well as specific heavy-duty feeders with large handling capacities exceeding 10,000 t/h. Depending on site and/or client specific requirements, we are able to preassemble machines in our fabrication facilities and ship in large pieces to site.

Inboard vs. outboard design

TAKRAF’s apron feeders are available with either an inboard or an outboard design. An outboard design implies that the chains are mounted outside of the skirt board area, hereby protecting both the chains and rollers from spillage material. An inboard design however offers its own unique advantages in boasting far shorter and lighter pans.

TAKRAF apron feeders – standard features you can rely on

  • Robust construction using durable and high-strength materials
  • Heavy-duty ribbed pans are standard
  • Standard crawler-type undercarriage parts
  • Standardized apron feeders as well as specific heavy-duty machines with large handling capacities
  • Sprocket segments are interchangeable and easily replaceable
  • Compact hydraulic or electromechanical drives
  • High impact carrying capability
  • Lifetime lubrication on rollers
  • Long service life


  • Customer
    Project Name
    Apron feeder for mobile crushing plant
    Rio Tinto Coal Australia
    Clermont coal mine

    Apron feeder for Clermont coal mine

    TAKRAF delivered the apron feeder as part of the fully mobile crawler-mounted crushing plant BRF-W2-10000 for the Clermont coal mine in Australia. The apron feeder receives the material by shovel and feeds the crusher of the mobile plant.

    Project figures

    10,000 t/h
  • Efficiency

    • We're able to provide a wide-range of machines from standard sizes through to special heavy-duty machines with capacities of 10,000 t/h or more
  • Service

    • TAKRAF's apron feeders combine heavy-duty frames with standard chains and rugged pans to provide extended service lifes
  • Service

    • TAKRAF is able to provide machines with frequency-controlled electromechanical drives or direct hydraulic drives


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