TAKRAF Group provides custom-designed radial stacker for Platreef Project in South Africa

TAKRAF Group delivers a custom-designed and locally manufactured solution for stockpiling crushed platinum ore in fast-track contract in South Africa.

TAKRAF Radial Stacker in operation at the Platreef Project.
TAKRAF Radial Stacker in operation at the Platreef Project.

TAKRAF South Africa completed the design and supply of a radial stacker for the Platreef Project in South Africa in under eight months from contract award to delivery of the equipment, providing a customized solution for the greenfields platinum mine.

Awarded by Ivanplats (Pty) Ltd as an EPS project, the radial stacker was supplied for Phase 1 of the Platreef Project, considered to be the pilot plant phase of a two-phase expansion project for Ivanplats. The project, based in Mokopane in the Limpopo Province, comprises development of a 4.4 Mtpa underground mine, with two concentrators built in modules of 2.2 Mtpa each.

The slewing / non-luffing radial stacker features:

  • a capacity of 1,993 t/h
  • a fixed boom with dual walkway
  • a boom length of 44.6 m with a boom inclination of 13 degrees
  • pneumatic heavy duty rubber tire

The radial stacker was completely designed, sourced and fabricated in South Africa by TAKRAF’s South Africa Business Unit. It was engineered with a modular approach for ease of transport and ease of site installation. 

Prior to being shipped to site as a partly pre-assembled unit, the stacker was fully assembled at the workshop to ensure that there would be minimal challenges on site during erection. With equipment delivery in the first quarter of 2022, following project award in the third quarter of 2021, the radial stacker is assembled and in operation on site, stockpiling crushed platinum ore hoisted from the underground mine.

“We are proud to have been able to provide the client with a unique solution tailored to the project specifications, meeting the requirement for a locally produced radial stacker,” says Bhavesh Bhaga, TAKRAF South Africa General Manager Business Execution. “Congratulations to our team for their prompt technical support, which, together with the cost-effective solution and short lead times, ensured that we secured this important contract.”

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