DELKOR Horizontal Belt Filters for a major copper and cobalt producer in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Various orders from the same client for DELKOR Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters highlight the continued trust in DELKOR’s dewatering technologies.

The picture shows a DELKOR Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter for a copper processing plant in the DRC.
DELKOR Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter for a copper processing plant in the DRC.

In further orders from a satisfied client, DELKOR India was contracted to provide DELKOR Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters (HBF), together with ancillaries, for two operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The orders included supply of a 162 m2 filter for a copper project in Katanga, which was commissioned in 2022, and supply of a 110 m2 filter for a cobalt processing plant in the Lualaba province. The latter was commissioned in 2020.

The scope of work for both contracts covered design, engineering, manufacture, supply (ex-works) and supervision.

Both filters were designed to achieve maximum recovery of water and produce a drier filter cake. However, in the case of the 162 m2 horizontal belt filter, the water is removed from the cake to repulp with acid in the downstream unit operation in preparation for the leaching process. 

The filters were manufactured mainly from high-strength and corrosion-resistant stainless steel suited to the process requirements and were supplied in a knockdown state for easy and efficient erection on site.

These two projects reinforce DELKOR India’s long-standing relationship with the client, with earlier contracts including:

  • One 145 m2 and one 64 m2 horizontal vacuum belt filter
  • Various thickeners of several capacities, including a high-rate thickener
  • Test work and design for a belt filter and high-rate thickener 

“We are proud to have been part of the establishment of such important projects", says Indu Bhushan Jha, DELKOR Managing Director. “These contract awards provide further examples of DELKOR India’s commitment to maintaining the loyalty of its client base through superior service and best-of-breed technologies.” 

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