Maintenance cart video kicks the New Year off with a bang

Our latest TAKRAF maintenance cart video shows our carts in action, along with some factory acceptance testing at our fabrication facility in Lauchhammer, Germany.

TAKRAF maintenance cart, copper mine USA
TAKRAF maintenance cart in action on a steep 26 % decline section at an important copper mine in the USA.

We are very pleased to release this new video, which provides a brief but comprehensive view of our patented maintenance cart machine and some of the benefits it brings:

  • Ensuring the safety of personnel 
  • Efficient replacement of conveyor idlers 
  • Saving of our clients’ time and money

Conveyor belts are supported across their length by idlers or rollers; and, on long overland conveyor systems, these idlers can run into the thousands. Worn or damaged idlers need to be replaced as soon as possible in order to maintain efficiency and reduce operating costs; as well as to avoid the risk of any further damage to equipment or even the potential outbreak of fire.

Conducting such maintenance on belt conveyors, especially those on steep slopes, in tunnels or on elevated structures, is a challenge for all parties involved. The belt needs to be lifted and the idler(s), with a single part weight of about 50 kg or more, replaced. Steep slopes make it almost impossible for the maintenance crew to even reach an area, never mind actually working safely. The issue of space really becomes critical in tunnels, where space is very limited and the work has to be conducted manually. Enlarging a tunnel’s size in order to conduct maintenance more effectively, as well as for greater safety and access reasons, is almost impossible due to the significant costs involved. An intelligent new solution had to be found...

Step forward our maintenance cart, which makes it possible to access any location along the conveyor belt in the shortest possible time and in the safest manner!

Click on the video link here: TAKRAF maintenance cart for safe and efficient conveyor maintenance 

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