Maintenance cart continues to assist clients with optimized downtime and ease of inspections

Conveyor belts are supported across their length by idlers (rollers) and on long overland conveyor systems, these idlers can run into the thousands. Worn or damaged idlers need to be changed as soon as possible in order to maintain efficiency and reduce operating costs; as well as to avoid the risk of any further damage to equipment or even the potential outbreak of fire. TAKRAF’s maintenance cart makes it possible to access any location along the conveyor belt in the shortest possible time and in the safest manner!

TAKRAF maintenance cart for efficient change of conveyor belt idlers (rollers)
TAKRAF maintenance cart in action on the steep 26 % decline section at the copper mine in the USA.

TAKRAF USA is proud of its long-standing relationship with an important copper mine in the USA, which dates back to 2001 when the company was first awarded with the mine’s crusher relocation project. Since then, this client has demonstrated their confidence in TAKRAF’s solutions by awarding all follow up crusher relocation projects including the related material handling, as well as awarding numerous engineering studies over the years.

As part of the latest crusher relocation project, a new ~5 km downhill conveyor with a ~1 km, 26 % sloped section was included. Because of the steep slope, maintenance was an issue identified early on during the feasibility study phase of the project. TAKRAF proposed and subsequently was awarded the contract for a maintenance cart to service the downhill section of the new conveyor. 

As the first maintenance cart installed in the United States, at a long-standing client facility, this embodies TAKRAF’s commitment to providing clients with novel solutions to unique material handling maintenance requirements.

The contract was awarded in late 2019, with the cart delivered to site a year later. The short design/supply time was made possible by employing a pragmatic, results oriented approach that was established and willing to make quick decisions, together with the full commitment of all stakeholders involved on this project.

In order to allow access to the belt along the steep downhill section, the maintenance cart was designed for operation on a 26 % slope and is powered by two redundant omega drives (sprocket and chain). An on-board diesel generator provides power to gear motors that utilize a high strength chain to drive the cart up and down the slope at a speed of 0.6 m/s. The cart includes a hydraulic belt-lifting beam, hydraulic jib crane and a unique TAKRAF-designed idler manipulator that allows for the replacement of idler rolls by maintenance personnel from the cart and does not require personnel to be on or under the belt. The cart also has on-board storage for 12 carry and 4 return rolls from 2 idler magazines. 

Steffen Gjorvad, President - TAKRAF USA, had this to say about the project: “Our maintenance cart is a safe and effective solution to a global conveyor problem – the safe and efficient replacement of conveyor idlers. We have designed and developed a number of maintenance carts for our clients, including underground, tunnel or elevated structure applications where the risks posed for all parties is even greater. Our maintenance cart is a safe and effective tool to ensure the safety of personnel and efficient replacement of idlers and we look forward to continuing to support our global clientele with novel solutions to common problems.”

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