DELKOR Horizontal Belt Filters deliver exceptional results in Australia

A recent spate of solid/liquid separation activity and requirement for reliable and cost-effective dewatering equipment in Australia has highlighted the suitability of the DELKOR Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter (HBF) for this very application.

DELKOR horizontal belt filters

DELKOR’s extended range of HBFs provide cost effective continuous slurry dewatering and cake washing for an extensive range of mineral, chemical, power and industrial sectors. Our recent success in being awarded a number of contracts for the supply of HBFs in Australia only serving as testament to the effectiveness of our equipment, as well as our commitment to our clients with ongoing aftermarket and service support.

Following is a short summary of the recent Australian HBF contracts we received:

4 x HBFs for a Large Lithium Expansion Project – Western Australia

DELKOR was awarded the supply of four HBFs, joining six DELKOR machines already operating at the plant, as part of the mine’s expansion project. The function of this equipment is to dewater lithium and tantalum concentrates from the various separation processes at the plant. Lithium ore (spodumene) is extremely abrasive and special attention was therefore paid to wear resistant linings on the machines.

1 x HBF for a Significant Coal Mine in Queensland

This coal mine, that currently operates a variety of DELKOR HBFs on site, awarded DELKOR a contract to supply a HBF to dewater flotation tailings from their coal processing plant to improve the dry tonnage output of the plant.

2 x HBFs for a Lithium Tailings Retreatment Project – Western Australia

A currently large lithium deposit was initially mined as a tin and tantalum resource with the lithium not being recovered. As a result, a significant amount of lithium ore is still contained in the older tailings dams, with the tailings retreatment project involving the recovery of these tailings and extraction of the lithium ore before final disposal. DELKOR was awarded the supply of two HBFs for the dewatering of lithium flotation concentrates.

4 x HBFs for a Large Lithium Expansion Project – Western Australia

At the aforementioned lithium expansion project, DELKOR was awarded the supply of another four HBFs, as part of another of the mine’s expansion projects and effectively identical to the previous expansion project. As a result, the equipment is required to dewater lithium and tantalum concentrates from the various separation processes at the plant, with these four HBFs joining a total of twelve other DELKOR filters already operating or purchased for the site.

Regarding the aforementioned awards, Frank Hahn, Managing Director of TAKRAF Australia, stated, “These projects will serve as an important reference, especially within the burgeoning lithium industry, of DELKOR’s ability to deliver cost-effective and reliable dewatering equipment - our machines were designed and built from the outset with this goal in mind. Our exceptional aftermarket services that caters to our clients ongoing need for support only serving to further cement our reputation as a leading solutions provider and reinforcing the fact that, It pays to talk to a specialist!”

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