Ship Unloaders

Ship unloaders are specifically designed machines that are used to unload a vessel.

Ship unloaders catering to various capacities and vessel sizes

TAKRAF’s ship unloading machines cater to various material types, required flow rate , vessel sizes and types. Our machines are all specifically designed to our client's requirements and incorporate various solutions according to their specific application.

Grab-type ship unloaders

Our grab ship unloaders are particularly well suited to both sea and inland import ports that discharge a number of different material types as the grab system can work across various materials. These unloaders have proven themselves over decades of operation and are extremely reliable.

Grab ship unloaders are able to handle all bulk material across the entire range of varying particle sizes and/or material properties; including, amongst others, iron ore, bauxite, limestone, phosphate, various fertilizers, potash, coal, petroleum coke and sulfur. In fact, these machines, if fitted with hooks or spreaders, can even assist with the unloading of general cargo or containers, which makes them extremely versatile

Discharge of material from the vessel is intermittent and is usually into a machine-mounted discharge hopper, although this can be specified differently according to requirements. Once in the hopper, the process is then continuous as a belt conveyor then transports material to the relevant storage area.

TAKRAF grab ship unloaders are offered in the following versions:

Grab ship unloader with cable-operated grab trolley (GSU)

These machines are designed with a seaborne arm that can be raised and lowered together with a cable-operated grab trolley. The drive winches that manage all working movements, ie. grab lifting, grab lowering, grab opening and closing, cross travel, boom lifting and lowering, are all mounted in the main structure. Due to the relatively small mass of the grab, high acceleration and trolley speeds can be achieved.

Basic technical data:

  • Load capacity: 12,5 t to 60 t
  • Unloading capacity: 400 t/h to 2,500 t/h
  • Rail gauge: 7 m to 28 m
  • Vessel size: 10,000 DWT to 350,000 DWT

Grab ship unloader with trolley-mounted winches (GVB)

These machines are designed in such a manner in which the motors for the grab actions and cross travel are housed in the trolley, whilst the driving winches for lifting and lowering the boom are mounted in the main structure.

Basic technical data:

  • Load capacity: 30 t to 85 t
  • Unloading capacity: 400 t/h to 2,500 t/h
  • Rail gauge: 30 m to 90 m
  • Vessel size: 10,000 DWT to 350,000 DWT

Integrated port facilities and systems

TAKRAF’s port solutions are employed throughout the world. Boasting high technical standards and state-of-the-art designs, our systems satisfy the toughest demands faced by modern ports.

TAKRAF’s product range includes:

  • Shore-to-ship handling facilities employing ship loading machines
  • Various equipment for the continuous handling, storage and reclaiming of material from various areas including conveyors, stackers, reclaimers, etc.
  • Ship-to-shore handling facilities employing grab unloading machines


  • Customer
    Project Name
    Siemens KWU, Germany; Power GEN, Great Britain
    Powerstation Paiton II

    Grab Type Ship Unloader in Indonesia

    Project figures

    1,500 t/h
  • Customer
    Project Name
    Elbehafen Brunsbüttel

    Grab Type Ship Unloader in Germany

    Project figures

    1,600 t/h
  • Customer
    Project Name
    The Israel Electric Corporation Ltd.
    Rutenberg Powerstation

    Grab Type Ship Unloader in Israel

    Project figures ATB

    1,800 t/h
  • Value for Money

    • Grab-type unloaders can also be used optionally for cargo and container handling provided optional equipment is employed
  • Efficiency

    • Grab-type unloaders are especially suited to import ports discharging various material types
  • Service

    • Grab-type unloaders have proven themselves over decades of operation and are extremely reliable
  • Environment

    • Our machines incorporate various solutions with the aim of minimising environmental impact


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