Project Studies

Studies turn ideas into value.  We aim to identify the technical solution with the best value for your investment project.

Studies are a matter of trust and our project studies are not limited to TAKRAF equipment or technologies. The common objective of all studies is to identify the best economic solution according to your particular project requirements. For this purpose, our TAKRAF Mining Technology Center (TMTC), comprised of mine planning, mining, material handling and equipment operation experts, analyze proven and established mining approaches in detail, compare technical solutions and assess economic potentials. Worldwide references and satisfied customers are proof of our success.

Each phase of your investment project represents particular requirements in terms of objectives, work scope and accuracy. TMTC´s project studies are designed to provide the required information quickly and efficiently. According to the standard development sequence of mining and investment projects we offer the following studies:

  • Survey study (...appropriate for scoping level)
  • Conceptual study (...appropriate for scoping level)
  • Appraisal study (...appropriate for pre-feasibility level)
  • Engineering design study (...appropriate for feasibility level)

Survey study

A survey study is the perfect way to obtain a comprehensive overview of globally applied mining solutions and associated equipment at short notice. In the context of specific deposit conditions, different mining solutions are compared and basically evaluated in terms of suitability and general feasibility. Based on data and references, capital and operating expenses are estimated.

Your benefit as a customer is the comprehensive and well-founded overview and discussion of relevant application aspects. Points of references to ongoing technical developments are an intrinsic part of a survey study. The general character of the study makes a survey study a perfect introductory element for the initial phase of each investment project, as well as a suitable component of each of the project studies described below.

Conceptual study: +/-50 % accuracy, 2-5 weeks per concept

In the time scale of intended mining operations (long-term planning), a conceptual study develops at least two selected or pre-defined mining or material handling concepts and compares technical and economic aspects. Objectives are the proof of a general technical feasibility, as well as an economic evaluation. For this purpose, capital and operating expenses are estimated with approx. +/- 50 % accuracy, which matches the requirements of mining and investment projects at a scoping level.

Appraisal study: +/-25 % accuracy, 2-4 months

Typically, preceding studies (e.g. conceptual study) identify potential mining methods, which is the base of more detailed analyses executed in the appraisal study. The final objective of an  appraisal study is the identification of one optimized mining technology and one preferred equipment solution. Technical feasibility is proven through the consideration of particular mining or material handling conditions taking into account all direct or indirect aspects. For this purpose, and based upon a preliminary equipment design and layout, the mining operations are planned and economically evaluated from a mid-term perspective. These planning results are incorporated into the optimization process of the equipment design and layout with the purpose of identifying and describing one equipment concept that represents the minimum of economic, technical and environmental risks.

The level of technical specifications and considerations ensures approx. +/- 25 % accuracy of economic estimations which meets typical requirements of a pre-feasibility study. The results of the appraisal study are the basis for the next level phase which is at a feasibility level.

Engineering design study: +/-10 % accuracy, 5-6 months

The engineering design study is intended to be a component of the feasibility study (bankable document) or it can be used to prepare tendering procedures. The objective of such a study is to provide all required technical specifications and information in order to plan and prepare the investment decision as well as future equipment operations. For this purpose, the study encompasses the basic design and layout of equipment, system and processes; as well as the definition of requirements for certain operational aspects such as personnel and infrastructure planning, environmental impact assessment, etc. design criteria and specifications, project execution plans, HAZOP risk logs and investment strategy plans are typical deliverables of the engineering design study. Capital and operating expenses are calculated based on actual quotations which ensure the accuracy of estimates and forecasts of approx. +/- 10 %.

TMTC´s  project studies listed above are successive parts of a complete project development cycle; however, they can be requested individually and prepared according to customer needs and requirements.

The structure and results of the aforementioned project studies meet the requirements of international standards. Experienced TAKRAF engineers and specialists on-site and during execution of the study, focused and efficient project management and communication work together to ensure reliable insight in project progress, applied approach and quality of results, any time.


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