Material Testing & Simulation

Mining, transport and comminution processes are as diverse as the materials. We make sure that design and layout of the equipment also reflects the particular requirements of the rock material.

At TAKRAF, research and development in the field of rock material-equipment-interaction is by tradition an integral part of the ongoing product development process. Doing so, we make sure that design and layout of the equipment also reflects the particular requirements of the rock material.

Amongst others, our focus is on critical factors such as rock fragmentation and abrasion. Accordingly, the company boast in-house test facilities in Germany where we are able to conduct material tests across a wide variety of conditions. Determination of material crushability and wear behavior can thus be analyzed by specialized test machines, the results of which can then be employed for wear predictions and customized solutions for crushing tools, cutting tools of bucket wheel excavators and other equipment.

Ever since, these R&D activities are combined with the development and enhancement of in-house testing facilities and process simulation approaches. We are ready to share this experience with you.

Materials testing takes place on-site or/ and in TAKRAF laboratories. Depending on the equipment category the following material features can be analyzed:


  • Density
  • Water content
  • Atterberg limits
  • Grain size distribution
  • Uniaxial compressive strength: direct and indirect tests (Point Load, Schmidt-Rebound, Protodjakonow, Ultrasonic Seismic Speed)
  • Tensile strength: indirect test


  • Crushability: Bond Work Index
  • Wear behaviour: Los Angeles Test, Bond Abrasion Index

Bucket-wheel / Bucket-chain excavator

  • Cutting resistance tests with Dornij probe, Scheffler driving probe, Wedge probe

For highly sophisticated material tests such as tri-axial tests or bond work index our long-term partners with certified testing facilities and scientific laboratories are ready to provide required material characterizations on short notice.

Process simulations encompass our in-house test stations and numeric simulation such as DEM.


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