HPGR Service

TAKRAF is able to offer a range of High-Pressure Grinding Roll (HPGR) services including the supply of customized spare rolls, as well as the refurbishment of worn-out rolls (tires) and wear protection systems. 

Increasing adoption of HPGR technology 

HPGRs, also known as roller presses, are modern and efficient comminution machines, which are becoming increasingly more popular in minerals processing due to their cost effectiveness (reduced energy consumption and production costs) as compared to conventional mills and crushers.  

A roller typically consists of a base body (shaft) to which a roll body in combination with a wear protection system is attached. The technology's working principle is that two counter-rotating grinding rolls expose a column of material to high pressure, which is distributed across the gap between the rolls. As such, the surface of the roll bodies is subject to heavy abrasion during operation, so that regular replacement and maintenance of the roll bodies is necessary.

Roll body refurbishment of High-Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGRs) at our Product & Service Center in Lauchhammer, Germany.

Roller refurbishment 

No matter what condition your used rolls arrive in, our Product & Service Center in Lauchhammer, Germany, has the experience and equipment to refurbish and get them back to working condition. 

This starts with dismantling or removing the tire from the shaft using inductive heating. The shaft is lifted out of the heated-up tire and then inspected for any issues and reconditioned. At the same time, a new tire is machined, and this is then mated together with the reconditioned shaft using the same inductive heating process. Once this is finished, specific wear protection is added to the tire and includes studs for surface wear protection. The refurbished HPGR roll is now ready to be delivered to your operation.

Please watch our video Refurbishment of HPGR roll bodies here:

Change of roll bodies of a roller press or HPGR. The refurbished HPGR roller bodies are ready for shipment.

TAKRAF provides comprehensive client support services around the world. Moreover, we are able to propose customized repair, support and maintenance solutions to match your specific requirements, such as spare part supply and stock management and/or maintenance contracts. Please reach out to us on: info@takraf.com.


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