Granulators are employed in the coal industry where they size run-of-mine coal and remove tramp iron/debris at the same time.

Coal granulators have undergone various important improvements over the years, but they still retain the original concept of a machine which sizes run-of-mine coal and removes tramp iron/debris at the same time. The ability of a granulator to continue operating reliably for decades has been the primary reason for its wide adoption in the international mining industry. 

The range of granulators provided by TAKRAF are sold under license from Pennsylvania Crusher Corporation and are particularly suitable for the coal industry where they boast a solid reputation for quality, performance and a long and efficient service life. This efficient service life can be ascribed to their many unique features and systematic refinements to conventional crusher features. Granulators produce a sized product with a minimum of fines as their operating principle is quite unique. Unlike ordinary hammer mills, the coal is not shattered by hammers but broken up by floating rolling rings of hardened steel.

Coal granulators and other impact crushers continue to play a critical role in power generation, coal mining, cement production, chemical processing and other basic industries.

Product sold under license. The license is specific to the African region with permission to use globally if installed into a TAKRAF project.