Equipment Selection

Tailor-made equipment solutions – our specialty. Our experts provide all necessary data and information required to layout and design the equipment.

Equipment selection is the result of a comprehensive decision-making process. In accordance with your project's current state, specific requirements and available data, we are able to provide information not only regarding technical aspects of TAKRAF's equipment but also regarding:

  • Delivery time
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Pricing and operating expenses
  • Environmental and safety aspects
  • Integration into existing systems, etc.

Please, feel free to contact us. Through a guided interview or through the use of questionnaires, our experts will be able to collect focused and efficiency-related information enabling us to make informed decisions about your project. Continuous communication ensures that our solutions meet your requirements.

We offer the following services:

  • Mine planning
  • Equipment design and layout
  • Pricing
  • Profit engineering

Continuously operating mining and conveying equipment, as delivered by TAKRAF, is able to provide significant savings potential in terms of operating costs; however this also has a bearing on the manner of planning and operating a mine. Our experts will illuminate these aspects of mine planning and provide all necessary data and information required to layout and design the equipment; as well as to prepare the investment decision.

Equipment design and layout of continuously operating mining and material handling systems is our core competence. Based on your specifications, we are able to provide reference designs, preliminary drafts, conceptual and basic designs and layouts for all required equipment. If requested, we are also able to provide alternative solutions or recommendations.

Pricing is an integral part of the equipment selection process. According to the level of equipment design and layout, we offer budgetary price estimates and firm price offers.

The main focus of major investment decisions is dominated by Capital Expenditure (CAPEX). Typically, at the end of the investment decision-making process, related Operating Expenditure (OPEX) over the lifetime of the equipment become less important. The concept of profit engineering provides a different approach. Profit engineering delivers specific equipment design and layouts that reflects the particular economic long-term requirements of the customer in terms of both OPEX and CAPEX over the lifetime cycle (Net Present Value, NPV). In close cooperation with customers' engineering and controlling departments, together with TAKRAF engineers, a CAPEX-OPEX target matrix is jointly developed. The target matrix thus becomes the guideline of the design and layout process, as well as becoming the customer's support tool to enforce equipment solutions and design aspects by defensible economic arguments.


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