• DELKOR BQR floation cells with MAXGen mechanism, new generation

BQR Flotation Cells

Our new generation DELKOR BQR flotation cells, equipped with our latest MAXGen mechanism, achieve superior metallurgical performance and assist in maximizing metal recovery. DELKOR BQR flotation cells achieve optimum operation through improved particle-bubble interaction, faster flotation kinetics and precise froth level controls.

Our cells are used in roughing, scavenging, cleaning and re-cleaning applications to process copper, zinc, Platinum Group Metals (PGMs), phosphates, graphite, slag and effluents. They feature a stator located on the floor of the tank, a rotor with a provision to introduce flotation air through the center of the shaft, adjustable airflow rates and froth-crowder settings, as well as a launder. Customized launder design options are available in order to ensure specific lip loading and froth carry rates. Other features include internal or external dart valves and precise froth level control instruments resulting in a class-leading combination of process, operational and cost benefits.

MAXGen Mechanism

Our MAXGen mechanism is the result of advanced research, extensive bench scale test work, scale-up and industrial trials. Incorporating the MAXGen mechanism enables an owner/operator to achieve best-in-class metallurgical performance, combined with greater ease of maintenance and lower cost of ownership. The MAXGen mechanism enables the generation of a swarm of air bubbles with optimum size distribution. A careful selection of a trade-off between agitation levels and the bubble distribution facilitates the flotation of fine and coarse particles equally (especially relevant for the flotation of low-density minerals), whilst efficiently keeping solids in suspension, which in turn maximizes the probability of bubble-particle interaction.

Main advantages of our DELKOR BQR flotation cells

  • Improved metallurgical performance
  • Precise froth level controls
  • Low downtime and increased ease of maintenance
  • Internal or external dart valves with a strong focus on safety
  • Cell bypass ready provision for larger cells to facilitate quick, easy and safe cell maintenance
  • Cell bypass improves circuit flexibility to a great extent
  • Reduced specific power consumption
  • Low maintenance cost and total cost of ownership

Our DELKOR BQR flotation cells range in size from 1.5 m³ (BQR15) to 300 m³ (BQR3000) and our MAXGen mechanism now maximizes bubble-particle interaction for improved flotation kinetics.

For more information about detailed research results please also read the article in the Indian journal "Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals", HERE: “Plant Trials of the MAXGen Flotation Mechanism in a Lead Flotation Circuit” .

The article is based on development work carried out at the DELKOR laboratory in Bengaluru, India, and on tests carried out by the DELKOR R&D team in the lead circuit at the Rampura-Agucha plant. It highlights various aspects of evaluating flotation performance, especially concerning a mechanism’s ability to influence matters, which is something that is not commonplace in current literature.


  • Customer
    Project Name
    CML Metals Corporation

    Fabrication, supply and installation of three cells in Utah

    Three 40m³ BQR 400 flotation cells were supplied for CML Metals Corporation’s Iron Mountain Project. The flotation cells were manufactured in the USA to accelerate delivery. 

    The reverse flotation circuit process forms part of a two stage magnetic separator circuit. The non-magnetics, silicates and apatite, are removed as floated product, and pumped to a 20 m diameter DELKOR tailings thickener. The magnetics are pumped to a 16 m diameter Delkor concentrate thickener.

  • BQR Flotation cells with MAXGen mechanism
    Project Name
    GR Engineering Services for Blackham Resources Ltd. (Blackham) Matilda Wiluna Gold Operation (Wiluna)

    11 new generation DELKOR BQR flotation cells with MAXGen mechanism for Australia

    11 x DELKOR BQR flotation cells (5 x BQR 500; 6 x BQR 200), equipped with proprietary MAXGen mechanism for superior metallurgical performance, ordered by GR Engineering Services for Blackham Resources Ltd. (Blackham) Matilda Wiluna Gold Operation (Wiluna).
    Special features of this application include a dual outlet froth discharge box with dart plugs to divert the froth to the respective froth collection manifold based on the metal grade of the froth. In addition, adjustable froth lips enable flexibility of froth discharge into the launders. Given the high ultraviolet (UV) levels of the environment, UV resistance paint was provided to protect the rubber lining.

  • Value for Money

    Simple design reduces cost of spares

  • Efficiency

    • We design, fabricate and supply a wide-range of BQR flotation cells ranging in sizes from 0,5 m3 to 150 m3 that can be used in roughing, scavenging, cleaning and re-cleaning, unit and pilot cell applications to process copper, zinc, PGMs, phosphates, graphite slags and effluents
  • Service

    • Easy startup under load
    • Low machine downtime
    • Quick and easy maintenance solutions reducing maitenance costs
  • Technical Excellence

    Optimum operation achieved through purpose-designed levels of solid suspension, air rate adjustments, easy froth-cone positioning and a stable pulp-froth interface


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