TAKRAF wins Bucket-Wheel Reclaimer Refurbishment

In an attempt to combat decreasing ore grades at one of their mine sites, a large copper producer in Chile has embarked on an important project to increase their mineral processing capacity. In order to achieve this, they are aiming to increase the capacity of the reclaiming system to more than 10,000 tph, amongst various other initiatives.

As a result, the original TAKRAF Bucket-Wheel Reclaimer (BWR), model HR 5000, currently on site needed to be replaced in order to increase the handling capacity. The decision was made to replace this machine with another TAKRAF machine, model HR 7100, which, up until recently, operated at another of the company’s mine sites about 170 km away. This machine, with a design capacity of 11,500 tph, is to be disassembled and transported by an external service provider with support and technical assistance from TAKRAF Chile.

In late 2015, TAKRAF Germany conducted a comparative study of both machines with the purpose of analyzing the feasibility of employing this BWR at the other mine site. The results of the study concluded that this was perfectly feasible, provided that necessary modifications and some refurbishing, especially regarding the electrical and control point of view, were conducted.

In late 2017, TAKRAF started the basic engineering study that concluded that a number of system modifications were required in order for the machine to operate reliably.

In September this year, TAKRAF was awarded a turnkey contract for the entire refurbishment including engineering, supply and site erection of the machine.

Hernan Vega, Sales & Commercial Manager: TAKRAF Chile, had this to say upon receipt of the award, “Receipt of this important refurbishment award only serves to entrench our capability in designing and building robust equipment that, with some updates, is able to start a second life at an entirely different operation. In addition, we as TAKRAF have the capacity and capability to support our clients across all aspects of their business including maintenance, refurbishment and other ancillary assistance. We look forward to supporting this important client and seeing their operations deliver and thank you to all colleagues involved.”

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