TAKRAF sizers for a major Indian multinational steel producer

In a breakthrough order for the Indian sizer market, TAKRAF recently supplied one primary and one secondary TAKRAF sizer to a major global steel producer and leading supplier in India.

Picture shows a TAKRAF secondary sizer TCS 06.30 installed on-site in India.
TAKRAF secondary sizer TCS 06.30 installed on-site in India.

The order, which was signed in late 2020 with delivery at the end of 2021, was a major breakthrough for the Indian sizer market as it introduced a new machine. A machine that over-delivers upon customer expectations with the establishment of a new benchmark within the industry.

Our sizers will reduce Run-of-Mine (ROM) material to 75 mm in two stages, with the final product feeding the beneficiation plant. The primary sizer, a TAKRAF TCS 12.16 sizes material down to an intermediate size of 250 mm, whereupon the secondary sizer, a TAKRAF TCS 06.30, reduces it further.

A key feature of our machines is that they are engineered with maintenance in mind. Each component is designed to be quickly and efficiently replaced. The reduced downtime for maintenance means that the machine gets back to production as soon as possible. When minutes count, make the most of every second!

This contract also drew upon the global expertise and capabilities of TAKRAF Group, leveraging our global engineering and fabrication capabilities in order to ensure an optimal and cost-effective solution for our client.

K. Gopal, Managing Director TAKRAF India, had this to say recently regarding the order: “I would like to firstly congratulate and thank our global sizer team for their cohesive work ethos and valuable support, as well as our TAKRAF India Project Manager who successfully coordinated all touchpoints and ensured a successful project outcome. This reference goes a long way to entrenching our TAKRAF sizers within the Indian sizing market and we look forward to sharing more such success stories.”

For further information regarding our range of sizer solutions, please click here:  https://www.takraf.com/product/sizers/, alternatively, please contact us on: info@takraf.com.

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