TAKRAF ship unloader key to modernization and capacity expansion of Australian bulk terminal

Supply of new high capacity ship unloader reaches important project milestone with delivery of machine to East coast deep-water port.

ship unloader from TAKRAF is one of the largest cargoes
Massive in size and weight, our TAKRAF ship unloader is one of the largest cargoes to ever enter this deep-water port and can be seen being loaded onto the port berth.

A TAKRAF double jib level luffing ship unloader has arrived at an important deep-water port on the Australian East coast, where it will replace two existing machines (decommissioned in 2018) to enhance the capability of the Port of Newcastle in handling a range of commodities. Following loading of the machine onto the berth at the port, the machine is currently under final construction by TAKRAF Australia, and will subsequently be commissioned and prepared for handover, under supervision of the head contractor, Kerman Contracting.

The achievement of this important milestone, despite the challenges posed by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, is a result of the excellent collaboration between the various TAKRAF Group business units worldwide and the partners in Australia and abroad. 

The machine will operate at the Port's Kooragang 2 berth, one of the busiest and most diverse common user berths in the port. Handling a wide range of bulk commodities, it will greatly increase the efficiency of cargo operations.

Features of the ship unloader include:

  • A hydraulic jib luffing system, which reduces maintenance requirements as there are fewer mechanical parts, and which also provides more precise control over luffing movements.
  • Integrated truck load-out (loading) station as an alternate discharge besides the wharf conveyor.
  • Ex class rating, which means that the machine is approved to unload hazardous classified bulk material. 
  • Maximum wheel loads in line with site constraints of the existing wharf.

Designed for 1,200 mpth free digging capacity of super phosphate, the ship unloader will also handle fertilizers, potash, urea, soda ash, gypsum, grains and magnetite.

Frank Hahn, Managing Director - TAKRAF Australia, had this to say upon reaching this milestone, “TAKRAF is proud to support our client in its commitment to meet its customers’ needs for significantly increased cargo handling capacity. I am also proud of the TAKRAF team whom should all be congratulated, particularly for maintaining the momentum of the project during the difficult Covid times together with invaluable contributions being received from various Group colleagues, thank you! We look forward to our machine being handed over and put into operation. Innovation out of tradition – It pays to talk to a specialist!”

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