Material handling system for HBI plant in USA

TAKRAF supplied material handling equipment for a greenfield HBI production plant that commenced production in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Bucket-wheel reclaimer with stacker behind
Bucket-wheel reclaimer for handling HBI can be seen in the foreground with stacker behind.

Commissioning of a material handling system for a greenfield hot-briquetted iron (HBI) production project in USA reaches completion.

The contract was awarded to TAKRAF in early 2018, with commissioning taking place in different phases from late 2019 to early 2021. TAKRAF’s scope covered design, engineering, supply, and supervision through commissioning and performance testing of the complete materials handling system for both the plant’s raw material feed and finished product. 

The system design brief called for the raw material (iron ore pellets) to be received from self-unloading barges and conveyed to a stockpile. From there, it is reclaimed to be conveyed to day-bins fed by a tripper car. From the day-bins, material is discharged onto weigh feeders and then conveyed through a screening system before feeding the HBI production plant. The finished product is received from the plant and conveyed to a second stockpile, from where it is stacked, reclaimed and fed to a load-out station for the loading of trucks or trains for onward transport.     

Steffen Gjorvad, President - TAKRAF USA, had this to say upon final commissioning, “The execution of this important materials handling contract drew upon our Group’s global expertise. I would like to thank all colleagues, as well as client’s project team, for their invaluable contribution in managing all aspects through to successful conclusion. We are proud to have supported our client on this important greenfield project and look forward to a continued strengthening partnership in North America.”

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