Service and aftermarket solutions from our TAKRAF Product & Service Center in Germany successfully meet client’s strict shutdown needs

Recently, the refurbishment of a large 45-ton TAKRAF gearbox took place at our Product & Service Center in Lauchhammer, Germany. Read about the capabilities of our skilled Aftermarket team and some of the steps that were followed during this 12-day process.

The picture shows a final quality inspection of the refurbished gearbox on the test bench in Lauchhammer.
Final quality inspection of the refurbished gearbox on the test bench in Lauchhammer.

Our comprehensive gearbox service comprises continuous condition monitoring through regular inspections, reliable spare parts supply, on-site repair support as well as reconditioning at our Product & Service Center in Germany

As part of a strong ongoing relationship that dates back more than 20 years, a central German mining company recently sent one of their four bucket-wheel gearboxes back to their place of origin for a major overhaul

The gearbox was built in 2001 and over the years has undergone various check-ups and upgrades at our Product & Service Center, with the last update being conducted in 2020. 

As with most maintenance events, the major challenge for such an overhaul is the schedule, as it has to strictly fit into the shutdown schedule of the machine that is undergoing a major repair at the same time. As a mitigation to any potential delays, the client had ordered long-lead items that may require replacement long in advance in order to be prepared for any eventuality. In addition, the Lauchhammer team boasts extensive expertise with all the test and repair procedures that may be required, allowing them to adapt quickly to actual conditions that they may find. Lastly, the findings of the various cyclical inspections help to define the scope of works in advance as best as possible. 

After being offloaded and washed, the gearbox was disassembled and all internals, such as gears and bearings, underwent a thorough inspection, together with the structure of the housing. The lubrication system was dismantled, checked and cleaned thoroughly ready for use once again. Together with the client’s engineers, TAKRAF jointly decided regarding the reuse or replacement of parts, as well as the conducting of any repair works as necessary. 

During the subsequent re-assembly, the bevel-helical gear stage is properly adjusted. All relevant measurement data and adjustment values are also accurately recorded.  

Finally, the gearbox is set-up on the test bench where a test run of several hours with gradually increased load is performed. Various operating data is continuously monitored and recorded, both automatically and manually. In the event of any deviations, corrective actions can be taken on the spot.  

The service and aftermarket team in Lauchhammer once again delivered as promised and are now looking forward to receiving a further gearbox from a satisfied client for an overhaul early next year.

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